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Best and Worst Ways to Apply for AEC Jobs in California

Architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC)  jobs in California are rising due to an increase in infrastructure demands, technological innovations, single-family and multi-family units, commercial buildings, and public works. Employment opportunities for architects are likely to grow by 3 percent in the next seven years in the country, whereas jobs for civil engineers are expected to increase by 8 percent, helping AEC professionals get through their dream jobs.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, California is among the top five states in the country, offering the maximum number of construction jobs, which is over 600,000. Moreover, it’s home to over 73,500 construction firms, offering multiple employment opportunities across different construction job titles.

To know more about the best and worst ways to apply to available AEC job openings in the Golden State, we’ve put together a few things to consider. Read on to know if a construction staffing agency can help you land your dream AEC job.

 Applying for AEC jobs in California: Is there a right way to do it?

Keep in mind the following things to find an AEC job the right way in California:

  • Do your research to understand market insights, business standards, and trends;
  • Prepare a spreadsheet to compare the different AEC firms to know which one matches your needs and job requirements the best;
  • Use the application tracking system (ATS) to format and edit your resume and cover letter to increase your reach;
  • Connect with industry professionals to expand your network and learn about the job openings in different firms and;
  • Sign up with a construction staffing agency like Certis Solutions.

Best and worst ways to apply for AEC jobs: Some examples

Best ways

Apply directly on a firm’s website

A company’s website is the best way to apply for a job as it directly connects you with the talent acquisition team. Moreover, when you visit a firm’s official website, you learn about its projects, services, and clients that help you process your job application better.

Email the hiring manager with your resume

When you directly connect with a hiring manager, it allows you to share your work competencies, education credentials, and expertise on a personal level. It shows your interest and zeal to work on the position or job title, and it also sets you apart from other job applicants who use job portals to apply for the same job. 

Use a staffing agency

A staffing agency eliminates the hassle of finding an employer and getting through the process of applying for a job as they do all the work for you. Most recruiting agencies share a close relationship with top AEC firms, working on different projects, and you can leverage that relationship to find long-term work opportunities.

Worst ways

Using a generic resume and cover letter

Most AEC professionals make a mistake by sending out a generic resume and cover letter, which fail to impress the recruitment team. Always list out things that make you stand out among other job applicants. Do your research and find the necessary things to include in a resume; using the ATS can help you determine the right keywords, content, and structure. 

Not matching your skills and qualification with the job

Avoid applying for jobs without checking whether your skills and qualifications match the requirements. Don’t lie about your skills because, eventually, you’ll have to talk about them in a job interview or during the screening process.

 Not following up with the recruiter or company

When you don’t follow-up with a recruiter, it gives an impression you aren’t interested in the opportunity. Always follow-up with a recruiter, HR professional, or talent acquisition specialist to know about the final decision. You can also ask for feedback on how you performed in an interview to improve in the future.

Certis Solutions: Work with our construction staffing agency today

While looking for construction jobs in California, the best way you can find your dream job is by signing up with Certis Solutions. It’s a specialized staffing agency that connects AEC professionals with top firms and projects in the state.

California state construction jobs are highly competitive, which is why you need Certis Solutions as it sets you apart from other candidates or AEC professionals by optimizing your skills through training and development programs. The dedicated team of recruiters and consultants helps you with your resume and helps prepare you to answer all the questions in a job interview.Certis Solutions understands your personal and professional expectations to find an AEC job matching your needs and requirements. It also offers you an opportunity to connect with industry professionals to broaden your network. Search for construction jobs in California at Certis Solutions and browse through our wide range of services.

Choosing the Right Firm for Engineering Jobs in California

Every engineering firm offers a different employee value proposition (EVP) to attract the best engineers and other professionals for respective job openings. A company isn’t just a place that provides work; it supports a livelihood and makes you part of a broad and diverse work culture. It means you must carefully choose which firm you want to work with to ensure alignment with your career path and personal development.

While starting a career in engineering, or if you’re planning to switch to a new firm, research to find a match that fits your needs and expertise. Equip yourself with all the company’s information, including previous/ongoing projects, business objectives, clients, and reputation.

To find the perfect engineering firms in California, read below for a few valuable tips. The blog also takes you through the benefits of signing up with a technical staffing agency, which makes a huge difference in your engineering career.

How to select an engineering firm 

Understand the industry trends

There can be no better way to find the ideal engineering firm than reading about market trends, industry standards, and insights. Browse through engineering-related websites, newswires, and magazines, including the Building Design and Construction, to get the latest updates about the engineering industry in the United States. Use HighBeam, a platform to access an online library and tools to acquire market insights and news information. 

Networking with industry professionals

Expand your network and get in touch with professionals working in your preferred engineering firms in California. Talk with them about the company’s work culture, growth, employee retention rate, and onboarding process. This helps you thoroughly learn about the company from the right people.

Learn the company’s objectives

You need to connect with the objectives and vision of a company to sync your expectations and goals. Understand the company’s work and processes to ensure your personal and professional growth. The best way to figure out whether a company makes the perfect fit for you or not is by delving into its products, services, capabilities, news, and customers.

Top considerations 

1. Company’s reputation

Work for a firm with an impeccable market reputation. Go to Google Reviews or visit online job portals to learn about the firm from former employees, stakeholders, investors, clients, and customers. You can also request information from a company; if they happily provide you with what you want, it means they have nothing to hide.

2. Company’s culture

A positive workplace culture improves productivity, contributes to personal growth, enhances coordination, and boosts the efficiency of every employee. While researching the best engineering companies in California, visit their social media pages or other professional sites to learn about their distinctive work culture.

3. Total compensation package

A survey found that 60 percent of professionals accept a job offer based on the benefits, compensation, and perks offered. Some of the most valued employee benefits include dental, health, and vision insurance, flexible work hours, vacation time, and student loan assistance. While looking for engineering jobs in California, look for firms that offer a well-designed total compensation package with different benefits and perks.

4. Past projects

Almost every architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professional aspires to work on a dynamic project that helps gain real industry experience, which is why you should always look at the past projects of a company. This lets you gain insights into the company’s work with clients and budget. More significant engineering projects mean more exposure, intense work opportunities, and a platform to upgrade your skill set.

5. Employee reviews

No one can brief you better about the company than current and former employees. Connect with these professionals and ask them about their experience working in the company and on different engineering projects.

6. Available job offerings

While looking for different engineering jobs in California, review all the job openings listed on a company’s website. Browse through different jobs to find the one that matches your expectations and expertise.

How to find the right engineering job with a technical staffing agency

A technical staffing agency like Certis Solutions helps you connect with top engineering firms in California. These firms work on big AEC projects that help you put your field knowledge and expertise to work. Moreover, it enables you to find a firm that matches your personal and professional goals for career advancement.

When you sign up with a technical staffing agency, the experienced recruiters or consultants understand your job requirement to prepare you for interviews and help you broaden your network. You also get an opportunity to gain long-term work commitments to grow as a trained and experienced industry professional.

Find your next engineering job with Certis Solutions, a platform sharing proximate relationships with top AEC firms and professionals in California. Check out our impeccable area of expertise through which we help job seekers find the right job. 

The Need for Emergency Services Jobs in California

California experienced some of the most deadly and destructive wildfires in the past five years, including the August Complex. In June 2022, San Mateo County had an Edgewood fire burning accident that led to a serious power outage, affecting more than 24,000 residents of the Bay Area, San Francisco residents. Moreover, the National Weather Service has also released several heat advisories hinting at dangerous heat conditions in the state. 

All these factors, including high magnitude earthquakes and wildfires, climate change, and rising construction activities, led to the growing demand for emergency service professionals in California to keep the residents safe and protected in all conditions. 

The demand for emergency service professionals across different industries and areas, including health care, restoration services, disaster management, and crisis communication, is rising, meaning you can use this opportunity to start or advance your career in the respective field. 

Below are some insights about the current job market for emergency services professionals and the types of emergency services jobs available in the state. Read further to learn how a technical staffing agency can help you find your dream job. 

Increasing demand for emergency services jobs in California

California is prone to destructive earthquakes because it rests on the San Andreas Fault. Along with extreme seismic activities, the state is also susceptible to heavy storms due to El Nina and El Nino air currents in the Pacific Ocean. Adding to the dangerous natural calamity, the increasing civil activities, climate change, and searing temperatures contribute to the damaging wildfires, causing massive loss of property and lives. 

The global pandemic also increased the number of jobs for emergency medical professionals in the country. All these factors make hiring emergency service professionals more significant and urgent. 

Outlook for emergency restoration services professionals

There are several emergency management agencies available on both state and local levels, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Cal OES, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. All these agencies contribute to the growing number of emergency services jobs in the country. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be over 180,000 emergency and other relief services jobs by 2026. The number of fire restoration projects in the state has also increased, offering many opportunities for emergency restoration professionals looking for a job. Many large companies hiring professionals across different emergency restoration service job titles in California include Anvil Builders, Inc., WSP, Arcadis, Geo-Logic Associates, and Bancroft Construction Services. 

Types of emergency services jobs in the Golden State

The wide range of specializations in the emergency services, such as disaster assistance, public administration, planning and prevention, communications, and public security policies, offer plenty of employment opportunities across different job titles. 

Some of the top emergency services jobs in California include:

  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and Paramedics
  • Disaster Planning Manager
  • Emergency Department (ED) Physician
  • Firefighters 
  • Emergency Management Directors 
  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • Emergency Response Security Officer
  • Public Information Officer 
  • Environmental Health and Safety Officer 
  • Incident Response Manager

The BLS projected that EMTs and paramedics’ job opportunities will likely increase by 11 percent in the coming five years, which is faster than the average. The jobs for firefighters are projected to rise by 8 percent By 2030. In fact, the employment of emergency management directors is also growing by 6 percent, creating close to 1,000 jobs every year. 

To secure jobs in these respective fields, you must demonstrate excellent work competencies through additional credentials and certifications. You should aim to acquire the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians’ EMT and paramedics certification.

Set yourself apart from other job aspirants by gaining the Emergency Management Certification by completing at least seven classes in Disaster mitigation, disaster planning, introduction to emergency management in California, terrorism, crisis communications, disaster medical operations, and disaster recovery. Some of the standard emergency certifications include Certified Emergency Manager (CEM), Associate Emergency Manager (AEM), and Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic.

Applying for emergency services jobs: Top tips 

Emergency services is a competitive field as it provides plenty of opportunities for career growth with a high remuneration rate, meaning you need to work hard to stand apart from other job aspirants. Here are a few tips to keep at the top of your mind to find your ideal emergency services jobs.

  • Get trained in the specialized field to gain practical information related to the emergency field. Opt for an emergency management specialist (EMS) to broaden your skills and expertise as military personnel, firefighter, incident report manager, or paramedic. 
  • If you’re a new graduate, begin your career with volunteer work or internships, as these provide you with hands-on experience in the field. Volunteer work also helps you map out your area of expertise, allowing you to build your career in a specialized field.
  • Sign up with a technical staffing agency like Certis Solutions, which helps you get into top emergency management companies in California. It provides you access to a broad network of industry professionals, enabling you to gain practical experience. Moreover, Certis help you find a job that aligns with your personal and professional goals with best-in-industry pay. 

Visit Certis Solutions, a platform helping new graduates and experienced professionals to find their dream jobs in architecture, engineering, construction (AEC) firms and emergency services. 

Project Engineer Job Guide: How to Answer Interview Questions

With an increasing number of construction activities in California, the demand for project engineers is rising. Many top architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms in the state, including Deacon Construction, DesCor Builders, Forgen, Clark/Sullivan Construction, and many more are hiring talented project engineering professionals across various industries.

Moreover, project engineer jobs often attract AEC professionals as it promises long-term career opportunity, competitive salaries, career advancement, and development. But to get to your dream project engineering role, consider a few tips to stand out among other job candidates/applicants.

Below are some things to know when applying for project engineer jobs, along with a few helpful tips for answering questions in a job interview. Read on to learn how an engineering staffing agency like Certis Solutions can help you get your dream project.

Applying for project engineer jobs? Here’s what you need to know

Apart from a well-formatted resume and captivating cover letter, there are a few other things to work on both before and after submitting a job application to get your desired project engineer job.

Go through the job description

Always remind yourself what you really want from a position before applying to a job opening, and reading through the job description is the best way. Look at your resume and match the job description requirements. This way, you can narrow your search and only apply for jobs that meet your skill set, experience, expectations, and future goals. 

Do your homework

When applying for a project engineer job, carefully read about the AEC firm, its work, projects, achievements, and future developments. This will help you know the company better and prepare you to answer any related questions during a job interview.

Prepare to address things that make you nervous

Addressing things that can put you in a spot before a screening or interview process is important. It could be a gap in your background, bereavement period, or parental leave. The idea is to address issues that make you nervous or uncomfortable. The more you prepare to answer questions related to that particular scenario, the more you become confident to address that issue in front of the interviewer(s).

Top tips for answering interview questions

In a job interview, demonstrate great confidence, work competencies, and zeal to excel in the given role. Dress professionally and focus on all interview protocols to appear as a professional and experienced job candidate. Be prepared to answer every question to showcase deeper understanding and dedication to secure the desired project engineer job. Below are a few common engineer interview questions asked in a project engineer job interview with some useful tips to answering them.

Walk us through the resume

Most interviewers begin the interview by asking this question, expecting you to expand on your professional achievements, educational credentials, certifications, and skill set. The best way to answer this question is by highlighting two or three of your accomplishments you’re most proud of. Share your experiences and what you’ve learned so far to lead to a deeper discussion.

Professional training and certifications

AEC professionals must acquire professional training and certifications, including Engineer in Training Certification (EIT), OSHA safety certificate, and Project Management Professional (PMP), to be proficient in their respective careers. They also help you stand out among other job applicants, so be prepared to answer any question related to the training you’ve received, from which institution, and your achievements to showcase an in-depth understanding of the field.

Managerial and team-building

Regardless of your role, you’re required to work with a team. It could be a group of engineers, managers, project coordinators, or architects. Companies look for professionals who demonstrate excellent management and team coordination.

During a job interview, an interviewer may ask questions about developing a successful team to lead a project, so be prepared to answer that thoroughly. You can quote examples from your previous experience or talk about the importance of each role and how you’ll incorporate them to lead a project.

Goals and expectations

When an interviewer asks about your goals and expectations from the job, break your answer into the short-term and long-term. Talk about what you want in the next three months while describing your short-term goals. Mention things like fitting into your role, getting to know the project details deeply, and coordinating with your team. Also ask about promotions or career advancement, getting into managerial roles, and taking on complex tasks when discussing your long-term goals over the next five years.

Find your next project engineer role with an engineering staffing agency

An engineering staffing agency like Certis Solutions helps reduce the stress and hassle of finding a job by connecting you with top-notch AEC firms not listed on job boards like LinkedIn. The dedicated consultants at Certis Solutions also help you prepare by providing project engineer interview questions to excel in a job interview.

These staffing agencies help you build and expand your network by connecting you with industry professionals that can guide your path to excel in your respective career. Moreover, you get long-term work opportunities and a learning experience by working on top-notch AEC projects. Search jobs with Certis Solutions and get help from highly trained and experienced project coordinators to learn about top AEC firms hiring in California. 

Jobs in Crisis Event Response and Recovery

Engineers and construction experts aren’t just needed for building new things. They’re also needed to help protect what we have and to make sure it can be rebuilt in the face of adversity. As humans, we like to imagine everything we do is permanent and that when we’ve finished something, it will remain like that forever. 

Nature has a way of upsetting the balance we create for ourselves. This is why disaster management is such a crucial line of work, and California is among the few states in need of workers in this field. This blog will cover the essentials for those doing their job search in the state. 

Are There Jobs in Crisis Event Response and Recovery?

Every crisis is different. Emergency restoration services and disaster management have many different specializations. These fields are required to help prevent worst-case scenarios, and to aid communities in recovery after the worst has happened.  

Jobs in Emergency Management

Emergency management refers to, generally, the process by which communities and states take actions to prepare for emergencies, as well as coordinate prevention, response, mitigation, and recovery. A good portion of emergency management overlaps with construction, dealing with proper urban design. 

In this sense, emergency management is about both preventing disasters in an area, and  mitigating the effects of those disasters. It’s also up to emergency management to prepare an area through early warning and dissemination of key information.

Often, emergency management jobs will be listed by governments, either at the state or the local level. Most municipalities or tribal bands in California will require specialists in emergency management. In particular, many towns are eager to have experts in preventing wildfire damages as climate change turns up the heat across the globe. 

However, there are also private-sector jobs that specialize in emergency management, preparedness, or consultancy. These businesses work hand-in-hand with local governments to provide the best in emergency management. Examples of these companies in California include Pinnacle and Rincon

Jobs in Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is the subcategory of emergency management that deals with the fallout of a disaster after it’s occurred. As soon as a disaster strikes, it’s up to disaster response personnel, such as firefighters and paramedics, to take center stage and focus on saving lives. 

Next, it’s up to disaster recovery experts to get things back to normal, or as close as possible. This gives disaster response experts the onerous task of organizing the rebuilding of public infrastructure, as well as reestablishing any damaged utilities. This involves mixing skills at clean-up with construction and will require knowledge of both water and fire damage restoration services.

Disaster recovery is a booming industry in California because even without the occurrence of major disasters, property damage is constantly happening. In a people-dense state like California, there’s  always a need for experts in addressing damage to commercial and residential construction. Examples of companies in this business include California Emergency Services and MSB Disaster Recovery Services

Jobs in Fire Clean-up Services

Fire damage restoration services are another specialized type of crisis event response that has developed its own unique career path. Fire damage repair is a complicated process, and emergency restoration services that specialize in fire and smoke services are highly sought after. 

Fire clean-up service jobs are probably among the most common crisis event recovery jobs out there. House fires are a concern no matter where you live, in California especially. Companies in your area that specialize in this include Service Master or West Coast Fire and Water. Finding companies specializing in both fire and water damage repair isn’t uncommon when job searching. 

Jobs in Crisis Event Response

Whether a crisis is threatening, ongoing, or already in the recovery stage, there’s going to be a significant need for resources and equipment. Crisis event response experts help handle the logistical complexities of making sure critical personnel and resources are where they need to be at every stage of a disaster. 

Government agencies are always on the lookout for experts in crisis response in California. You’ll also find companies that specialize in crisis response or in consultation for it, such as The Response Group or Empathia Pacific

Jobs in California for Emergency Restoration Services and More with Certis Solutions

California is at unique risk when it comes to disaster. As one of the most populated states, with extensive infrastructure, it is at the epicenter of many common types of disasters, particularly wildfires, earthquakes, flooding, and rockslides. 

This means that damage prevention and damage cleanup are both big business in California, just as much as the business of construction. Public and private property damage is always going to need to be dealt with, and it’s the emergency service workers who manage to get this sort of work done. 

There are many programs at universities and colleges today that give specialized courses in disaster management and recovery. There are also many trade schools that can give instruction in emergency restoration services, such as fire damage restoration services. If you’re pursuing a career in emergency services, you are most likely aware that contracts only last as long as cleanup is needed. 

At Certis Solutions, we help you easily navigate the process of finding your next employment, no matter your specialization. With our deep-rooted connections in the emergency management industry in California, we can get you deployed to where the people of California need you most. Contact us today to get started. 

PMP Certification Benefits for Working in AEC Firms

By 2027, the demand for the project management-oriented labor force is likely to grow by 33 percent, generating more than 20 million new jobs all across the globe. According to the Project Management Institute (PMI) of the United States, 2.3 million project managers are required in different sectors every year by 2030, including health care, manufacturing, construction, engineering, information and publishing.

As the field is gaining popularity among job seekers and new graduates, it experiences higher competition. The significant reason contributing to this competition also includes the higher annual pay rate, which is more than $98,000.

To get to your dream project management job, you need to stand out among other job seekers by acquiring a diverse skill set and specialized project management certification like Project Management Professional (PMP). PMP sets you apart from other job applicants as this certifies your expertise, in-depth knowledge, and understanding of the respective field.

Below are a few valuable PMP certification benefits you should know as an AEC professional. Read further to learn how Certis Solutions can help you find your next project management job.

Is PMP certification worth it?

Experienced and trained project professionals designed the PMP certification to validate some of the industry’s best and highly skilled project management professionals, making it worthy for career growth and development. It tests project management professionals on three aspects.

  1. People: develops soft skills to lead a project and adapt to the changing environment smoothly.
  2. Business environment: highlights the link between a company’s strategy and the project.
  3. Process: makes sure the technical aspects are in place to manage a project successfully.

Benefits of having PMP certification for AEC jobs

Not just in AEC, but project management professionals are in demand in other sectors, including health care and the environment to overlook, plan, execute, and manage different projects.

Moreover, firms are only hiring professionals with exemplary subject knowledge, experience, and skills to perform the various tasks, which is why you should acquire PMP certification. Other than validating your credentials and expertise, PMP certifications also offer great benefits, including the following.

1. Higher salary

As per the ninth edition of the PMI biennial report, professionals with the PMP certification earn 20 percent higher than those without it. In fact, PMP has been one of the highest-paid IT certifications globally, and this trend indicates its growth even further. 

2. Industry recognition and acknowledgment

The PMP certification benefits also include getting recognition universally. It’s a global certification that not only works in the United States, but also abroad. Moreover, companies recognize PMP-certified project managers as more successful and experienced in managing complex projects within budget. 

3. Resume and job application

PMP adds value to your resume by offering your impeccable expertise and competencies to handle every project, should you be hired. In fact, top AEC firms, as well as others, are making it mandatory for project management professionals to gain PMP certification, meaning you may not be able to apply for some jobs without it.

4. Networking opportunities

When you sign up as a PMI member, you become part of the club with other project management professionals. There are over 770,000 active holders of the PMP certifications, meaning you have the opportunity to connect with some of them to gain market insights, in-depth knowledge of the fields, tips for career advancement, and an opportunity for both personal and professional growth.

5. Important skills

This project management certification has high standards to meet to become a successful project management professional. Extensive preparation is needed in order to take the test and gain accreditation; in this process, you gain many key skills that make you stand out among other project management professionals.

How Certis Solutions can help find your next project management job

Certis Solutions is a technical staffing agency that shares a close relationship with various construction, environmental, engineering, architecture, and emergency services firms. We help you connect with those firms; some of them aren’t even listed on popular job boards like LinkedIn.

Our dedicated technical recruiters and consultants understand your work competencies, skills, and education credentials to help you find the project or job that matches your personal and professional goals. Furthermore, it offers an opportunity to work with some of the top firms in California, including Deacon Construction, Forgen, and DesCor Builders, on different construction or engineering projects.Visit Certis Solutions to learn more about our impeccable range of services and areas of expertise. We promise a phenomenal candidate experience by offering a seamless beginning-to-end job search experience.