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California experienced some of the most deadly and destructive wildfires in the past five years, including the August Complex. In June 2022, San Mateo County had an Edgewood fire burning accident that led to a serious power outage, affecting more than 24,000 residents of the Bay Area, San Francisco residents. Moreover, the National Weather Service has also released several heat advisories hinting at dangerous heat conditions in the state. 

All these factors, including high magnitude earthquakes and wildfires, climate change, and rising construction activities, led to the growing demand for emergency service professionals in California to keep the residents safe and protected in all conditions. 

The demand for emergency service professionals across different industries and areas, including health care, restoration services, disaster management, and crisis communication, is rising, meaning you can use this opportunity to start or advance your career in the respective field. 

Below are some insights about the current job market for emergency services professionals and the types of emergency services jobs available in the state. Read further to learn how a technical staffing agency can help you find your dream job. 

Increasing demand for emergency services jobs in California

California is prone to destructive earthquakes because it rests on the San Andreas Fault. Along with extreme seismic activities, the state is also susceptible to heavy storms due to El Nina and El Nino air currents in the Pacific Ocean. Adding to the dangerous natural calamity, the increasing civil activities, climate change, and searing temperatures contribute to the damaging wildfires, causing massive loss of property and lives. 

The global pandemic also increased the number of jobs for emergency medical professionals in the country. All these factors make hiring emergency service professionals more significant and urgent. 

Outlook for emergency restoration services professionals

There are several emergency management agencies available on both state and local levels, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Cal OES, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. All these agencies contribute to the growing number of emergency services jobs in the country. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be over 180,000 emergency and other relief services jobs by 2026. The number of fire restoration projects in the state has also increased, offering many opportunities for emergency restoration professionals looking for a job. Many large companies hiring professionals across different emergency restoration service job titles in California include Anvil Builders, Inc., WSP, Arcadis, Geo-Logic Associates, and Bancroft Construction Services. 

Types of emergency services jobs in the Golden State

The wide range of specializations in the emergency services, such as disaster assistance, public administration, planning and prevention, communications, and public security policies, offer plenty of employment opportunities across different job titles. 

Some of the top emergency services jobs in California include:

  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and Paramedics
  • Disaster Planning Manager
  • Emergency Department (ED) Physician
  • Firefighters 
  • Emergency Management Directors 
  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • Emergency Response Security Officer
  • Public Information Officer 
  • Environmental Health and Safety Officer 
  • Incident Response Manager

The BLS projected that EMTs and paramedics’ job opportunities will likely increase by 11 percent in the coming five years, which is faster than the average. The jobs for firefighters are projected to rise by 8 percent By 2030. In fact, the employment of emergency management directors is also growing by 6 percent, creating close to 1,000 jobs every year. 

To secure jobs in these respective fields, you must demonstrate excellent work competencies through additional credentials and certifications. You should aim to acquire the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians’ EMT and paramedics certification.

Set yourself apart from other job aspirants by gaining the Emergency Management Certification by completing at least seven classes in Disaster mitigation, disaster planning, introduction to emergency management in California, terrorism, crisis communications, disaster medical operations, and disaster recovery. Some of the standard emergency certifications include Certified Emergency Manager (CEM), Associate Emergency Manager (AEM), and Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic.

Applying for emergency services jobs: Top tips 

Emergency services is a competitive field as it provides plenty of opportunities for career growth with a high remuneration rate, meaning you need to work hard to stand apart from other job aspirants. Here are a few tips to keep at the top of your mind to find your ideal emergency services jobs.

  • Get trained in the specialized field to gain practical information related to the emergency field. Opt for an emergency management specialist (EMS) to broaden your skills and expertise as military personnel, firefighter, incident report manager, or paramedic. 
  • If you’re a new graduate, begin your career with volunteer work or internships, as these provide you with hands-on experience in the field. Volunteer work also helps you map out your area of expertise, allowing you to build your career in a specialized field.
  • Sign up with a technical staffing agency like Certis Solutions, which helps you get into top emergency management companies in California. It provides you access to a broad network of industry professionals, enabling you to gain practical experience. Moreover, Certis help you find a job that aligns with your personal and professional goals with best-in-industry pay. 

Visit Certis Solutions, a platform helping new graduates and experienced professionals to find their dream jobs in architecture, engineering, construction (AEC) firms and emergency services. 

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