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By 2027, the demand for the project management-oriented labor force is likely to grow by 33 percent, generating more than 20 million new jobs all across the globe. According to the Project Management Institute (PMI) of the United States, 2.3 million project managers are required in different sectors every year by 2030, including health care, manufacturing, construction, engineering, information and publishing.

As the field is gaining popularity among job seekers and new graduates, it experiences higher competition. The significant reason contributing to this competition also includes the higher annual pay rate, which is more than $98,000.

To get to your dream project management job, you need to stand out among other job seekers by acquiring a diverse skill set and specialized project management certification like Project Management Professional (PMP). PMP sets you apart from other job applicants as this certifies your expertise, in-depth knowledge, and understanding of the respective field.

Below are a few valuable PMP certification benefits you should know as an AEC professional. Read further to learn how Certis Solutions can help you find your next project management job.

Is PMP certification worth it?

Experienced and trained project professionals designed the PMP certification to validate some of the industry’s best and highly skilled project management professionals, making it worthy for career growth and development. It tests project management professionals on three aspects.

  1. People: develops soft skills to lead a project and adapt to the changing environment smoothly.
  2. Business environment: highlights the link between a company’s strategy and the project.
  3. Process: makes sure the technical aspects are in place to manage a project successfully.

Benefits of having PMP certification for AEC jobs

Not just in AEC, but project management professionals are in demand in other sectors, including health care and the environment to overlook, plan, execute, and manage different projects.

Moreover, firms are only hiring professionals with exemplary subject knowledge, experience, and skills to perform the various tasks, which is why you should acquire PMP certification. Other than validating your credentials and expertise, PMP certifications also offer great benefits, including the following.

1. Higher salary

As per the ninth edition of the PMI biennial report, professionals with the PMP certification earn 20 percent higher than those without it. In fact, PMP has been one of the highest-paid IT certifications globally, and this trend indicates its growth even further. 

2. Industry recognition and acknowledgment

The PMP certification benefits also include getting recognition universally. It’s a global certification that not only works in the United States, but also abroad. Moreover, companies recognize PMP-certified project managers as more successful and experienced in managing complex projects within budget. 

3. Resume and job application

PMP adds value to your resume by offering your impeccable expertise and competencies to handle every project, should you be hired. In fact, top AEC firms, as well as others, are making it mandatory for project management professionals to gain PMP certification, meaning you may not be able to apply for some jobs without it.

4. Networking opportunities

When you sign up as a PMI member, you become part of the club with other project management professionals. There are over 770,000 active holders of the PMP certifications, meaning you have the opportunity to connect with some of them to gain market insights, in-depth knowledge of the fields, tips for career advancement, and an opportunity for both personal and professional growth.

5. Important skills

This project management certification has high standards to meet to become a successful project management professional. Extensive preparation is needed in order to take the test and gain accreditation; in this process, you gain many key skills that make you stand out among other project management professionals.

How Certis Solutions can help find your next project management job

Certis Solutions is a technical staffing agency that shares a close relationship with various construction, environmental, engineering, architecture, and emergency services firms. We help you connect with those firms; some of them aren’t even listed on popular job boards like LinkedIn.

Our dedicated technical recruiters and consultants understand your work competencies, skills, and education credentials to help you find the project or job that matches your personal and professional goals. Furthermore, it offers an opportunity to work with some of the top firms in California, including Deacon Construction, Forgen, and DesCor Builders, on different construction or engineering projects.Visit Certis Solutions to learn more about our impeccable range of services and areas of expertise. We promise a phenomenal candidate experience by offering a seamless beginning-to-end job search experience.

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