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Why Partner With Certis?

Certis Solutions’ mission is to provide our clients the freedom to focus on securing new projects, while we invest our resources on managing their labor forecasting needs. Certis begins by assembling a specialized talent pool the moment a new project is proposed. We then begin coordinating with our client partners to identify the gaps on your project teams, so these resources are available for deployment the moment you are awarded the project. Our clients enjoy unparalleled benefits that help them outperform the competition, including:

  • Mitigation of the financial burden caused by excessive hiring in pursuit of new projects.
  • Improved employee morale and avoidance of reputational harm caused by over-hiring, which often leads to “predictable turnover.”
  • Access to an extensive pool of highly specialized talent.
  • Utilization of our “just-in-time” workforce solution to aggressively bid on new projects without carrying the financial burden of nonproductive labor.
  • Deliver projects on time and on budget in a highly competitive labor market.
  • Gain the luxury to bring back consultants’ multiple times, under positive circumstances, as project needs fluctuate.

Certis is dedicated to partnering with our clients through the entire life cycle of their projects. This includes assigning an industry experienced Project Manager, who will act as your sole point of contact through the duration of the project. Your personal Certis Project Manager will possess intimate knowledge of all aspects of your organization and your project, ensuring optimal delivery.

Our Process

Welcome to Certis, where hiring becomes a seamless and efficient process. Our mission is to provide clients the freedom to focus on their business and project needs while we invest our resources into managing their personnel and labor needs. At Certis, we prioritize building long-term partnerships and take pride in our distinct approach that sets us apart from the rest. 

What you can expect when you partner with Certis:

Resume Screening and Shortlisting

  • In addition to regular phone conversations with potential candidates, we conduct video screens and host in-person meetings (when applicable) to get an in-depth, real-time understanding of our candidate’s experience.
  • We shortlist candidates and undergo interviews and assessments to evaluate their technical skills, cultural fit, and overall suitability for the role.

Sourcing Candidates

  • We use various methods to source qualified candidates through our database, and other professional networks.
    • We have an extensive and ever-evolving understanding of recurring job types in the market to ensure a steady pipeline of qualified candidates.
    • We continuously network with both passive and active candidates to cultivate a robust talent community.

Analytics and Market Intel

  • We utilize 360° data tracking and analytics to constantly improve our recruiting strategies and optimize candidate longevity for successful, long-term placements.
  • With a national footprint and a specialized focus, we can offer market intelligence on current job trends, industry demands, salary benchmarks, and talent availability to assist clients in making informed hiring decisions.

Job Analysis and Requirement Gathering

  • Our technical in-house staff meets with clients to understand their specific job requirements, including soft and hard skills, qualifications, experience, and other essential criteria. We’ll also assist with writing job descriptions, as needed.

Candidate Selection

  • Certis provides standardized resumes and a high-level summary for each candidate that is submitted for client review.

Coordination of Interviews and Feedback

  • We arrange, coordinate, and sit in on all interviews to ensure we understand the client’s needs, projects, and environment further.

Background Checks and References

  • After we present the candidate and he or she makes it through the process, Certis will contact references then perform background and drug tests, as necessary.

People First Policy

  • We understand the needs of our clients by providing competitive wages, medical benefits, a 401k package, and PTO to all contracted consultants.

Post Placement Follow-up

  • We maintain consistent contact with our clients as well as our newly placed candidates to ensure a smooth transition and address any concerns that may potentially arise.

On-Boarding and HR Support

  • Certis can efficiently on-board staff, allowing clients to quickly ramp up and down as project needs and timelines fluctuate.
  • We offer sexual harassment training and ensure compliance with labor laws.
  • We provide expert assistance in HR and accounting matters and handle unemployment and insurance claims.
  • Consultants are paid weekly using our streamlined timecard and expense report processes, which includes certified payroll services.

Client Testimonials

Don’t just hear it from us, hear it from our clients!

COO, Uprite Construction

The Certis Team has demonstrated exceptional expertise and efficiency in identifying top-tier talent for our organization. Their personalized approach and commitment to understanding our unique needs ensured a seamless recruitment process, resulting in the successful national onboarding of industry professionals who have made significant contributions to our company’s growth.

PM, Aleut

Where the folks at Certis have been exceptional is in their response times to unexpected and emergency incidents that required immediate attention. On 3 occasions they had found me appropriate staff, inside 48 hrs and prevented critical impacts on projects under significant time constraints. Great service and peace of mind.

Procurement Manager, WSP USA Solutions, Inc

Certis has been a pivotal partner in helping WSP efficiently ramp up for projects across the US. Most recently, Certis worked closely with our organization to support fire debris and tree removal assessment services in Santa Cruz, CA. The quality of candidates they provided was impressive, their customer service was impeccable, and their efficiency in finding people was unmatched. We look forward to partnering with Certis on future projects as they are a trustworthy, affordable, and reliable resource in this industry, and they’re a pleasure to work with.

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