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Engineers and construction experts aren’t just needed for building new things. They’re also needed to help protect what we have and to make sure it can be rebuilt in the face of adversity. As humans, we like to imagine everything we do is permanent and that when we’ve finished something, it will remain like that forever. 

Nature has a way of upsetting the balance we create for ourselves. This is why disaster management is such a crucial line of work, and California is among the few states in need of workers in this field. This blog will cover the essentials for those doing their job search in the state. 

Are There Jobs in Crisis Event Response and Recovery?

Every crisis is different. Emergency restoration services and disaster management have many different specializations. These fields are required to help prevent worst-case scenarios, and to aid communities in recovery after the worst has happened.  

Jobs in Emergency Management

Emergency management refers to, generally, the process by which communities and states take actions to prepare for emergencies, as well as coordinate prevention, response, mitigation, and recovery. A good portion of emergency management overlaps with construction, dealing with proper urban design. 

In this sense, emergency management is about both preventing disasters in an area, and  mitigating the effects of those disasters. It’s also up to emergency management to prepare an area through early warning and dissemination of key information.

Often, emergency management jobs will be listed by governments, either at the state or the local level. Most municipalities or tribal bands in California will require specialists in emergency management. In particular, many towns are eager to have experts in preventing wildfire damages as climate change turns up the heat across the globe. 

However, there are also private-sector jobs that specialize in emergency management, preparedness, or consultancy. These businesses work hand-in-hand with local governments to provide the best in emergency management. Examples of these companies in California include Pinnacle and Rincon

Jobs in Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is the subcategory of emergency management that deals with the fallout of a disaster after it’s occurred. As soon as a disaster strikes, it’s up to disaster response personnel, such as firefighters and paramedics, to take center stage and focus on saving lives. 

Next, it’s up to disaster recovery experts to get things back to normal, or as close as possible. This gives disaster response experts the onerous task of organizing the rebuilding of public infrastructure, as well as reestablishing any damaged utilities. This involves mixing skills at clean-up with construction and will require knowledge of both water and fire damage restoration services.

Disaster recovery is a booming industry in California because even without the occurrence of major disasters, property damage is constantly happening. In a people-dense state like California, there’s  always a need for experts in addressing damage to commercial and residential construction. Examples of companies in this business include California Emergency Services and MSB Disaster Recovery Services

Jobs in Fire Clean-up Services

Fire damage restoration services are another specialized type of crisis event response that has developed its own unique career path. Fire damage repair is a complicated process, and emergency restoration services that specialize in fire and smoke services are highly sought after. 

Fire clean-up service jobs are probably among the most common crisis event recovery jobs out there. House fires are a concern no matter where you live, in California especially. Companies in your area that specialize in this include Service Master or West Coast Fire and Water. Finding companies specializing in both fire and water damage repair isn’t uncommon when job searching. 

Jobs in Crisis Event Response

Whether a crisis is threatening, ongoing, or already in the recovery stage, there’s going to be a significant need for resources and equipment. Crisis event response experts help handle the logistical complexities of making sure critical personnel and resources are where they need to be at every stage of a disaster. 

Government agencies are always on the lookout for experts in crisis response in California. You’ll also find companies that specialize in crisis response or in consultation for it, such as The Response Group or Empathia Pacific

Jobs in California for Emergency Restoration Services and More with Certis Solutions

California is at unique risk when it comes to disaster. As one of the most populated states, with extensive infrastructure, it is at the epicenter of many common types of disasters, particularly wildfires, earthquakes, flooding, and rockslides. 

This means that damage prevention and damage cleanup are both big business in California, just as much as the business of construction. Public and private property damage is always going to need to be dealt with, and it’s the emergency service workers who manage to get this sort of work done. 

There are many programs at universities and colleges today that give specialized courses in disaster management and recovery. There are also many trade schools that can give instruction in emergency restoration services, such as fire damage restoration services. If you’re pursuing a career in emergency services, you are most likely aware that contracts only last as long as cleanup is needed. 

At Certis Solutions, we help you easily navigate the process of finding your next employment, no matter your specialization. With our deep-rooted connections in the emergency management industry in California, we can get you deployed to where the people of California need you most. Contact us today to get started. 

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