Our Story is Our People

We specialize in connecting skilled professionals with leading companies in the construction, engineering, energy, emergency management, and environmental sectors.

Why Partner with Certis

Certis Solutions’ mission is to provide our clients the freedom to focus on securing new projects, while we invest our resources on managing their labor forecasting needs. Certis begins by assembling a specialized talent pool the moment a new project is proposed. We then begin coordinating with our client partners to identify the gaps on your project teams, so these resources are available for deployment the moment you are awarded the project. Our clients enjoy unparalleled benefits that help them outperform the competition, including:

  • Mitigation of the financial burden caused by excessive hiring in pursuit of new projects.
  • Improved employee morale and avoidance of reputational harm caused by over-hiring, which often leads to “predictable turnover.”
  • Access to an extensive pool of highly specialized talent.
  • Utilization of our “just-in-time” workforce solution to aggressively bid on new projects without carrying the financial burden of nonproductive labor.
  • Deliver projects on time and on budget in a highly competitive labor market.
  • Gain the luxury to bring back consultants’ multiple times, under positive circumstances, as project needs fluctuate.

Certis is dedicated to partnering with our clients through the entire life cycle of their projects. This includes assigning an industry experienced Project Manager, who will act as your sole point of contact through the duration of the project. Your personal Certis Project Manager will possess intimate knowledge of all aspects of your organization and your project, ensuring optimal delivery.

Our Process

At Certis Solutions, our story is our people, and a phenomenal candidate experience is our greatest pursuit. That’s why we have gone to great lengths to give our Project Consultants a career opportunity that exceeds expectations.
Certis has deep-rooted relationships with the most prominent firms in the Construction, Engineering, Environmental, Energy and Emergency Management industry’s. These relationships, in combination with our nationwide footprint, allow our consultants to have unprecedented control of their career aspirations. When you work with Certis, we continuously strive to ensure your project assignments always align with your personal and professional goals.
When you partner with Certis, here’s what you can expect:

  • Each Project Consultant is partnered with a Certis recruiter, who will act as your primary contact, ensuring your experience is seamless from beginning to end. 
  • We take the time to truly understand each candidate, proactively engaging with them to uncover their career aspirations, skill sets, and desired cultural settings, enabling us to expertly match them with the perfect opportunity.
  • With a diverse network of clients, ranging from small companies to Fortune 500 firms, our robust partnerships grant candidates access to a broad array of job opportunities in the Construction, Engineering, Environmental, Energy and Emergency Management industry’s.
  • One of the biggest advantages of choosing to work with Certis lies in our direct line of communication with hiring managers.  This unique relationship allows us to receive feedback on your job status swiftly- typically within 24-48 hours of job submission.  This means you aren’t left wondering about you application status.  
  • We provide personalized resume assistance and tailored interview preparation to empower candidates with the tools and confidence they need to excel.
  • We offer constructive and honest feedback, helping candidates gain valuable insights into their strengths and areas for improvement, fostering continuous growth and development.
  • With our pay rate transparency commitment, you can rest assured you’re being paid top dollar on every project, every time, no negotiation required. 
  • We prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of our consultants by offering comprehensive medical, dental, and vision benefits, a 401k package, and paid time off (PTO).
  • Our streamlined onboarding system and user-friendly timecard app enable you to complete essential documents and manage your time effortlessly, from anywhere in the country.
  • We believe in maintaining consistent and transparent communication throughout the entire process and beyond, ensuring a lasting and meaningful connection with our candidates.

As a Certis Consultant, you will be given exclusive access to work with the AEC industry’s most dynamic companies, on their most desirable projects. Partner with us and let’s make your aspirations a reality!

Our Process


  • We use cutting-edge sourcing platforms that allow us to find the most qualified candidates, anywhere
  • We have a deep knowledge of recurring types of jobs in the market to keep a healthy pipeline of candidates
  • We continuously network with both passive and active candidates to cultivate a robust talent community


  • Our expert recruiters are dialled into what our clients are looking for and align that with what you are looking to do next in your career
  • In addition to regular phone conversations, we conduct video screens and host in-person meetings (when applicable) to get an in-depth, real-time understanding of you and your experiences


  • We provide thorough communication throughout the entire onboarding process
  • Our technologically advanced onboarding systems allow you to complete your documents anywhere, anytime


  • We make sure to connect with you consistently throughout your consulting experience with us
  • We seek out redeployment opportunities on your behalf so that, if possible, you can seamlessly move from one project to the next

Consultant Testimonials

Tom F.


The employees at Certis go above and beyond to ensure you’re in the right place. From checking in on a weekly basis to picking up the phone any time I have a question, Certis has been there for me every step of the way.

Jared B.

Electrical Engineer

After job searching on my own for quite a few months, I randomly got a phone call from a recruiter at Certis Solutions…two weeks later I was signing new hire paperwork with a local architecture and engineering firm.

Jordan K.


Hands down, the speedy response and incredibly accommodating attitude of this company surpasses any other I’ve worked with or even encountered.

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