AEC Professionals

At Certis Solutions, a phenomenal candidate experience is our greatest pursuit. That’s why we have gone to great lengths to give our Project Consultants a career opportunity that exceeds expectations. Certis has deep-rooted relationships with the most prominent Architecture, Engineering, and Construction firms in the country. These relationships, in combination with our nationwide footprint, allow our Project Consultants to have unprecedented control of their career aspirations.

Our consultants are given exclusive access to work with the AEC industry’s most dynamic companies, on their most desirable projects. Not only does this present the opportunity to work on projects that would otherwise be inaccessible, but also offers a platform for on-going, continual, employment. Avoid the pitfalls of project instability and enjoy access to a multitude of opportunities in diverse disciplines and sectors.

Each Project Consultant is partnered with a Certis Project Coordinator, who will act as your primary contact, ensuring your experience is seamless from beginning to end. Additionally, with our pay rate transparency commitment, you can rest assured you’re being paid top dollar on every project, every time, no negotiation required. Antiquated employment relationships regularly ask employees to sacrifice their personal ambitions in the interest of others. When you work with Certis, we continuously strive to ensure your project assignments always align with your personal and professional goals. Welcome to the new era of AEC workforce. Welcome to Certis.