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Construction Jobs In California Are In High Demand

The construction industry in California is booming. Demand for property in cities across the state continues to grow. This is driving the need for AEC firms to hire skilled professionals. This demand will create unlimited opportunities for construction professionals looking to level up. 

Wondering why construction is in demand in the Golden State? We explore this reason below and talk about the construction jobs in California that firms are hiring for. 

California Construction Is Beginning To Heat Up 

The pandemic put many construction and engineering projects on hold. But it’s now full steam ahead, and the end is nowhere in sight. This comes as great news for construction workers. The end of 2021 saw a rise in the demand for housing, especially in San Diego and Sacramento. This means the future of construction is looking bright. 

Construction employment isn’t back up to pre-pandemic levels. Yet, there are lots of construction management jobs for AEC professionals in California. Ongoing wildfires and seismic events mean buildings need to be renovated. Infrastructure needs to be updated to accommodate growing transportation needs. And, zoning changes will create more space for residential projects. 

Commercial construction projects are primed to follow the same trajectory. California is a hub for tech companies and startups. And, the likelihood of top companies wanting to set up office spaces in the Golden State is almost guaranteed. This is a good sign for construction jobs in California as skilled professionals are in high demand.  In fact, most construction firms throughout California are looking to fill positions today!

If you are looking to get involved in upcoming projects, here is what you need to know: the time to apply for construction jobs in California is now. Signing up with a dedicated construction staffing agency can help you get started. 

Construction Jobs In California: The AEC Professionals That Construction Firms Are Searching For

The good news is that construction jobs in California are not slowing down. Here are a few of the hottest positions that construction firms are currently looking to fill:

  • Superintendent
  • Project Manager
  • Project Engineer
  • Construction Manager
  • Quality Control Engineer 
  • Site Safety and Health Officer (SSHO) 
  • Civil Design Engineer
  • Estimator 

Let’s take a look at each of these construction jobs in California in a little more detail below. 


One of the most important construction management jobs is as a site superintendent. This AEC professional handles overseeing all phases of the project and all activities on a construction site. A site superintendent works with other construction workers and runs day-to-day operations on a short-term basis. 

Project Managers

Project Managers are responsible for overseeing a construction project. These AEC professionals deal with the more administrative aspects of a project. An ideal Project Manager is an individual that can plan, execute, track, control, and close a project. 

They build close client relationships, ensure timeframes and budgets are met, and organize the daily operations of every staff member. 

Project Engineers

A popular construction job in California is as a Project Engineer. Project Engineers have a range of duties including designing civil projects, evaluating construction materials, preparing change orders and submittals, and ensuring construction plans meet building codes. This role is ideal for those that enjoy problem-solving and working with others.

Project Engineer jobs and opportunities are available across all sectors of construction. 

Construction Managers

Construction Managers have similar duties as project managers but on a smaller scale. A Construction Management job requires you to be responsible for overseeing on-site operations, performing quality control checks, hiring staff, buying materials, and planning work schedules for all laborers. 

Quality Control Engineer

Every construction project requires a Quality Control Engineer (QC engineer) on-site. These individuals are necessary for designing quality control standards and systems. They draw up quality control documents, test materials, run quality assurance checks, and ensure strict adherence to compliance requirements. 

Without a QC engineer on-site, many construction projects in California would be unable to operate safely. 

Site Safety & Health Officer 

Safety Professionals (SSHO, sometimes called a Health and safety engineer) also fall under the umbrella of construction management jobs. Like a QC engineer, each construction project must have a dedicated health and safety team. 

They are responsible for identifying potential hazards on construction sites. They enforce health and safety policies and ensure buildings follow health and safety regulations. They also review employee safety programs. 

Civil Design Engineer

Civil Design Engineers perform design analysis based on project requirements. They identify design flaws, perform field surveys, determine construction costs, and ensure compliance with ISO quality requirements. 


Construction jobs in California also feature job listings for project or Construction Estimators. It is the responsibility of Estimators to prepare cost estimates for all types of construction projects. These AEC professionals coordinate projects, calculate the cost of all materials, prepare bids, and decide how the tendering process will work. 

Construction Projects That AEC Professionals Should Know About

There are many opportunities for getting involved in California’s construction industry. If you are looking for construction jobs in California, these upcoming projects are worth checking out:

  1. The Delta Conveyance Project: This infrastructure project aims to modernize aging State Water Project (SWP) infrastructure and protect against natural threats such as earthquakes and sea levels rising. This project will construct new conveyance facilities in the Delta. 
  2. Bakersfield High-Speed Rail: This infrastructure project will build an 80-mile rail corridor between the Central Valley and the Antelope Valley. This will provide a link between Central and Southern California. The latest stage of this project was approved in August 2021. 
  3. The Tapestry Project in Summit Valley: This housing development project in Hesperia will build approximately 15,663 homes and 700,000 square feet of commercial and retail space. 
  4. VTA’s BART Silicon Valley Phase II: The VTA’s BART Silicon Valley Phase II Project is the long-awaited extension that Santa Clara County has been waiting for. This extension is one of the largest public infrastructure projects in the area and will provide a transportation line from San Jose to Santa Clara.

Construction projects are starting every day – making any day a great time for you to begin looking for your next construction job. 

Get Started In Construction Services With Certis Solutions 

At Certis Solutions, our team is here to support AEC professionals as they begin on their journey to find the best construction jobs in California. We work with a diverse portfolio of construction firms in the Golden State and provide our candidates with access to unlisted job opportunities. 

Get in touch with our dedicated technical recruiters and account managers today and we’ll guide you towards the construction projects that will be most beneficial for your professional and personal goals.

An In-Depth Guide To Fire Clean-Up And Restoration Services

Fire clean-up and restoration are vital emergency services carried out every day across the United States. As wildfires rage through many parts of California, businesses, residential properties, and habitats are lost. Man-made incidents have also led to increased fires in recent years. Yet, what happens once the fires are extinguished?

Those working in disaster recovery jobs know that wildfire season can have devastating impacts. Fire restoration services are a necessary part of clean-up efforts in the aftermath. Let’s delve deeper into what these emergency services entail and the importance of fire clean-up across California. We’ll also look at how AEC professionals can join fire restoration and clean-up projects. 

Why Is California In Need Of Fire Clean-Up Services 

Every year the Golden State faces a dangerous threat from wildfires. These disasters are considered a natural part of California’s landscape. According to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire), the past five years have seen eight of the state’s largest fires. The Dixie Fire Incident of 2021 destroyed over 963,309 acres across five counties. 

Wildfires and other man-made fires inevitably destroy structures and habitats. But, they are also harmful to the environment. Air quality in California is among the poorest in the US and, one contributing factor is wildfire smoke. The debris and ash left by fires pollute water systems including rivers and streams. Ground soil becomes unable to absorb water, and food sources for animals get destroyed. 

In the case of buildings, the hazardous materials exposed after the fire pose a significant threat to human health. This threat is why the public is discouraged from cleaning up debris themselves. Fire restoration professionals have the knowledge and equipment needed to remove any damage caused by wildfires or man-made fires. 

High incident rates of fires in California mean fire clean-up is a necessary restoration service. As the risks of fire damage continue to rise, many firms are looking for AEC professionals to assist in fire damage restoration services. 

The Process Of Fire Restoration After Natural And Man-Made Disasters

The extent and length of fire clean-up services will vary depending on the situation. For wildfires, the fire damage restoration process could take years to complete. Yet, in both natural and man-made disasters the following processes are carried out by an emergency response team: 

  • Water damage clean-up
  • Soot removal and clean-up
  • Smoke damage clean-up
  • Burnt materials clean-up

For man-made fires, AEC professionals carry out a fire damage assessment before the clean-up process can begin. This process includes securing the property from weather damage, removing standing water to prevent mold growth, and assessing the full extent of the damage. The length of this initial phase can take a few weeks to carry out. 

Next, the fire clean-up team will begin the soot removal, hazardous material removal, and smoke damage restoration stage. This part of fire damage restoration poses the most risk to emergency services personnel. Those in this field of emergency management need to use necessary safety precautions. 

Following removal, the restoration and repair stages of the clean-up process can begin. Depending on the structural damage of the property, AEC professionals involved in fire clean-up services may carry out a full or partial rebuild of the building. 

Fire Damage Restoration Services For Wildfire Clean-Up

The clean-up process in the aftermath of a wildfire is a large operation carried out by several divisions of the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES). For example, CalRecycle plays a substantial role in removing debris from destroyed areas. Yet, there is a lot more involved in restoring areas harmed by wildfires. 

Ground soil is one of the areas affected the most by forest fires and wildfires. Fire damage restoration services must stabilize the soil and restore its water absorption abilities. This can be done via vegetative promotion methods such as planting or targeted mulching. 

Erosion prevention services are needed to prevent soil movement on slopes or sediment movement in streams. Many fire clean-up professionals install grade control structures in streams to prevent further erosion in the future. Often, the removal of debris and hazardous waste is the largest part of the fire clean-up process after wildfires. 

Once this is completed, the natural habitat will be able to heal itself, and wildlife native to the area will begin to return. Many AEC professionals get involved in disaster recovery and habitat restoration projects in California counties affected by wildfires. That is why there is a consistent interest in wildlife fire clean-up jobs in the Golden State every year. 

Field Service Capabilities For Fire Clean-Up And Restoration Services

AEC professionals looking to get involved in disaster recovery and fire clean-up efforts can work in an array of positions. The field service capabilities for fire restoration services range from task force leaders to land surveyors and industrial hygiene experts. 

Let’s have a look at the job opportunities for those looking to get involved in emergency management services like fire clean-up:

  • Project managers
  • Environmental task force leaders
  • Certified asbestos consultants (CAC)
  • Health and safety professionals
  • Biologists and GIS professionals
  • Land surveyors
  • Professional foresters
  • Administrative staff
  • Air quality specialists
  • Geologists
  • SWPPPs, QSDs, and QSPs 
  • Industrial hygienists
  • TRAQ certified arborists 

Fire clean-up jobs are not in short supply. If you are a trained professional in the AEC industry looking to get involved in disaster recovery services, consider applying for these positions today. Working in the fire restoration services industry is rewarding on many levels.

Get Started In Fire Clean-Up Services With An AEC Staffing Agency

The reality is that California will need disaster recovery and fire clean-up services for many years to come. If you are looking to grow your career further by getting involved in fire restoration services or disaster recovery projects, work with an AEC staffing agency today. 

Why work with a staffing agency? Technical AEC staffing firms like Certis Solutions are dedicated to working with technical professionals that work in the disaster recovery industry. Our technical recruiters and experienced account managers have extensive industry knowledge, can help you grow in your career, and will provide you with access to the best fire restoration jobs in California. 

Interested in hearing more about how you can further your fire clean-up career? Get in touch with our team today.

Growth Opportunities For Architects In The Golden State

California offers endless inspiration for many architects. From the modern buildings of Silicon Valley to the Spanish Colonial-style structures in San Diego, California is home to great architecture. That’s why many AEC professionals choose the Golden State when searching for growth opportunities in the architectural industry. 

In this post, we discuss the different areas of architecture that AEC professionals can explore and the future of architecture jobs in California.

The Future Of Architecture In The Golden State

One thing that the pandemic has taught all of us is that we need to be adaptable and resilient. The same is true for architecture in California. Many architects across the state continued to design and produce wonderful feats of architecture and engineering in the last few years. As a result, the future of architecture is still very much alive. 

In the United States, it is estimated that the availability of architecture jobs will grow by 3% between now and 2030. This works out to approximately 9,400 job openings each year. While that may be small in comparison to engineering jobs, it’s continued growth and demand for these AEC professionals.

With the demand for residential properties rising to meet housing demand over the next few years, this will have a positive impact on those searching for architecture jobs in California. Regardless of your chosen architecture discipline (commercial, residential, landscape, etc.), California’s population is set to grow and structures are needed to accommodate this growth and associated needs.  

Architecture Applications: What Areas Can AEC Professionals Explore

When people think about architecture, images of historical buildings or innovative commercial designs often come to mind. Yet, architecture jobs can be found in many different genres of building design. Below, we look at the most popular applications for architecture that are used in California today. 


Commercial architecture focuses on the design of large-scale buildings and structures that will be used for business purposes. Buildings under this category can be the headquarters for a multinational corporation or a dedicated commercial zone for retail stores. This field of architecture is one of the most popular in the Golden State. 

Many architectural designer jobs in this genre tend to be with big architecture firms that have a large portfolio of commercial designs such as Marmol Radziner or Morphosis. Growth opportunities in this field of architecture are plentiful, especially in California. 


Residential building design is the next most popular field of architecture for AEC professionals. As the name suggests, residential architecture jobs focus on the design of living spaces and structures required for non-commercial purposes. 

Architects looking to get involved in the residential sector have a broader choice of firms that they could work with. Many big-name architecture firms are multidisciplinary and include residential projects. For example, San Francisco firm Aidlin Darling Design has an innovative portfolio of residential buildings. One of their most notable designs is the High Desert Retreat.

Yet, there are also those niche design firms in California that are creating stunning residential properties across the state. Andrew Skurman Architects and Fougeron Architecture are two of many residential design firms that offer great growth opportunities to architects. 


The industrial field of architecture specially involves the design of buildings that value function over aesthetically pleasing design. Buildings such as manufacturing facilities, breweries, power plants, and refineries classify as industrial buildings. 

The Ford Richmond Assembly Plant in Richmond, California is a notable example of this field of architecture. While not as popular as commercial or residential architecture, the Golden State offers many growth opportunities for those looking for architecture jobs in industrial design. 


This discipline of architecture involves the designing of natural, open spaces. Landscape architects work on a range of projects including  urban planning, playground design, tourism strategies, and private residential properties. Landscape architecture jobs are often needed as part of California’s environmental restoration projects for the creation of wetlands or the restoration of river systems.

Urban Design

Urban design is another popular field that architecture professionals can search for career opportunities in the Golden State. It focuses on the functionality and aesthetics of structures and spaces on a larger scale. Urban designers combine architecture and urban planning knowledge to design parks, community spaces, street networks, towns, and cities. 

Openings For Architecture Professionals 

There are various ways that AEC professionals can get involved in California’s architecture industry. Here are some of the potential job opportunities that you can explore today: 

  • Landscape architect
  • Urban planner
  • Research architect
  • Restoration architect
  • Industrial designer
  • Architectural technologist
  • Building surveyor & inspector
  • Interior designer
  • Structural engineer
  • Architectural drafter

Whether you are looking for a landscape architecture role or an architectural engineering job, there are various ways that you can grow your career in California. 

Notable California Architecture Projects 

This article wouldn’t be complete without looking at some of the exciting architectural projects in the Golden State. There are many innovative buildings and spaces that will leave a lasting impression on the Californian skyline. 

  1. TransAmerica Pyramid 

One of California’s most iconic skyscrapers, the TransAmerica Pyramid, is a feat of architectural and engineering design. Designed by famous architect William Pereira, it was built in 1972 and is the second tallest building in San Francisco. 

  1. The Getty Center

The Getty Center in Los Angeles is one of the Golden States’ famous museums. Many call it LA’s ‘modern acropolis’ as it sits below the Santa Monica Mountains and gives spectacular views of the city. Designed by Richard Meier & Partners, it incorporates 1.2 million square feet of stone. 

  1. Walt Disney Concert Hall

The Walt Disney Concert Hall is a classic example of postmodern architecture at its finest. Designed by the famous architect Frank Gehry, this steel masterpiece resembles the sails of a boat and expertly blends style and function. The interior concert hall was designed in such a way to amplify acoustics while also allowing each concert goer an unobstructed view of the stage and orchestra. 

  1. The Stahl House

While there are many beautiful residential homes across the Golden State, one architectural design that has stood out is The Stahl House. Providing stunning views of Los Angeles, this sleek and modern Hollywood Hills home was designed by Pierre Koenig. 

Benefits Of Working With A Technical Staffing Agency To Find Architecture Jobs

Finding the right architecture job in California can be a challenge for many. Yet, working with a technical staffing agency can make the experience hassle-free. As recruitment specialists, we believe that any professional in the AEC industry should work with a dedicated staffing agency. Why is this?

Technical staffing agencies have the connections and resources that you need to further your career in architecture. These agencies work specifically with AEC firms that are looking for talented professionals to work on projects across the Golden States. Often, technical staffing agencies have access to career opportunities that most individuals can’t find on other job boards such as Indeed. 

If you are serious about finding new growth opportunities in architecture, you will get the most value if you work with a dedicated technical staffing group. 

Certis: Offering High-Level Technical Staffing Solutions For Architects

At Certis Solutions, we have deep-rooted relationships with prominent architecture firms in California. When you partner with us, one of our technical recruiters will be selected to help you find the best opportunities to drive your personal and professional success. 

Interested in learning more? The Certis team is here to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today and browse our job board to view the latest architecture jobs in the Golden State.

California Is A Top Location For Technical Staffing Agencies

If you are looking to find your next career opportunity with a technical staffing agency, California is the place to be. The Golden State is a hotspot for construction, engineering, environmental, and emergency management  projects. Many AEC firms are looking for talented professionals and, for this reason, the need for technical staffing agencies is on the rise. 

Yet, why is California considered a top location for AEC professionals? Below, this post explores the rise in demand for construction and engineering across the Golden State. And, we share our top tips on how you can level up your career by working with a technical staffing agency. 

Why California Is A Top Location For Construction And Engineering Professionals

The pandemic halted many construction-related projects across the United States. Yet, construction in California is still booming. Many tech start-ups and other established firms chose California for their headquarters.

Look at Silicon Valley, for example. This area of California is now famous for being home to some of the biggest firms in the world. Yet, these aren’t the only AEC projects in California. Environmental restoration projects along California’s coastlines and in areas affected by wildfires are also vital. 

California has a diverse range of construction projects. It means AEC professionals from all areas have an array of opportunities to find a job that they enjoy. Additionally, the changing nature of the construction industry means that you can move from project to project at a reasonable pace. Not to mention the gorgeous landscape and relaxed lifestyle that California offers.

You may be asking: what does the future hold for construction and engineering in California? The industry won’t be slowing down anytime soon. While the state is experiencing a shortage of skilled laborers and technical staff, AEC professionals in California have increased job security and bring in one of the highest salaries compared to other states. 

So if you are wondering where your next job opportunity might be, it is worth looking for an AEC role in the Golden State.

The Golden State: A Growing Hotspot For Technical Staffing Agencies 

A rise in construction and engineering projects creates a demand for recruitment agencies to fill technical roles. This is why California is going to become a hotspot for technical staffing agencies. There is a clear gap in the market for technical staffing agencies that have the knowledge and experience to help AEC professionals find career growth opportunities.

At Certis Solutions, we respond to this need by partnering with notable construction and engineering firms from across California and elsewhere in the United States. Our partnerships mean that we can provide many benefits to AEC professionals such as: 

  • Access to unlisted job advertisements that aren’t on other recruitment sites
  • Access to a network of AEC professionals across various sectors including engineering, construction, environmental, emergency management, and architecture
  • Ability to work with a dedicated Certis Recruiter that will guide you towards projects that align with your personal and professional aspirations

For professionals within the AEC industry, reaching out to a dedicated staffing agency can be a great way to reach new heights in your career. While there will always be LinkedIn or Indeed, these job listing sites can’t give you the same level of insights or guidance as a technical staffing group

As construction continues to boom, more AEC professionals and firms will be looking to work with dedicated technical staffing agencies. So, why not join in the action now and get a head start in finding your next project, or your next career? 

Level Up Your Career With A Technical Staffing Group

There is no denying that working with a technical staffing agency is the best choice you can make when starting your construction or engineering career in California. Here at Certis Solutions, we want to help you take the next step in leveling up your career. Get in touch with our team today, let us know what your needs are and, we’ll take it from there.

The Projects Improving Air Quality Levels In California

California has been putting measures in place to improve air pollution for many years. Despite this, some parts of the state continue to have the worst air quality levels across the United States. With new air quality standards to follow and uphold, many AEC firms search for talent to fill air quality jobs. 

In this post, we discuss the current state of California’s air quality. We also outline ways that AEC professionals can get involved with environmental remediation projects and air quality jobs throughout the state. 

Fighting Air Pollution: What Are California’s Air Quality Levels?

According to the California Air Resources Board, California joined the fight against air pollution over 50 years ago when the Federal Air Quality Act of 1967 was enacted. For this reason, air quality jobs are always available as part of environmental remediation services. While Federal and State regulations concerning air quality are currently in place, parts of California continue to have high levels of air pollution. 

According to the updated World Health Organization (WHO) Global Air Quality Guideline, “the annual average concentrations of PM2.5 should not exceed 5 µg/m3.” This is much lower than their previous recommendation. Anything higher than PM2.5 poses a serious threat to human health. 

Studies have found that various cities around California continue to have the worst air quality levels in the United States. Approximately 90% of Californians breathe in unhealthy levels of air pollutants every year. Portola (6.4 µg/m3), Bakersfield (38 µg/m3), and Los Angeles – Long Beach (11.7 µg/m3) are some of the areas with the poorest air quality levels. 

Wildfires, vehicle emissions, and fossil fuels are the three main sources of air pollution in the Golden State. Environmental remediation projects are working to combat the rise of air pollution across the worst affected parts of California. If you are an AEC professional looking to get involved in air quality monitoring, this is an ideal time to get involved.

Now that the WHO guidelines for global air quality have changed, the pressure is on to drive down the number of pollutants in the air. This won’t be possible without environmental remediation services and the influx of air quality job opportunities in the industry.  

Air Quality Projects That Need Staffing

For those on the lookout for air quality jobs in California, the projects mentioned below may be of interest to you. Many firms are currently searching for talented AEC professionals in this area. 

GeoCon, Inc.

GeoCon, Inc is an engineering consulting firm with offices across the Golden State. Established in 1971, this firm specializes in geotechnical engineering and environmental consulting services. GeoCon performs air monitoring and indoor air quality services for sites across several sectors including transportation and public works. Check out GeoCon’s impressive project portfolio

Forensic Analytical Consulting Services (FACS)

Forensic Analytical Consulting Services (FACS) is an environmental health consulting firm that delivers services throughout the United States. As part of their services package, they provide indoor environmental quality services and carry out human health risk assessments. Read more about FACS’ services and capabilities

Earth Resources Technology, Inc. (ERT)

Founded in 1993, Earth Resources Technology, Inc (ERT) provides a full range of engineering, IT, and environmental services to Federal government organizations. As part of their environmental services, the ERT conducts an assessment of various environmental factors including air pollution. The firm also performs workplace safety compliance and implements remedial strategies. 

Environmental Resource Management (ERM)

Environmental Resouce Management (ERM) works closely with organizations to drive sustainability. One of their core services is implementing a low carbon economy transition strategy. The firm’s aim is to help organizations repurpose infrastructure to combat carbon emissions and improve air quality. 

Certis: AEC Staffing Solution For Remediation Services 

Are you looking to get involved in air quality jobs or other areas of environmental remediation? If so, you should partner with a technical engineering staffing agency. At Certis, our agency has partnerships with several of the biggest AEC firms across the Golden State. 

We provide access to the most exciting air quality jobs and environmental remediation projects in California. All you have to do is sign up for our services and we’ll match you with a dedicated Project Coordinator. Our Project Coordinators will then match you to the projects that suit your professional and personal goals. 

Once that project is complete, we’ll return to our database and find you your next growth opportunity in the AEC industry. Interested in hearing more? Get in touch with our team today.

Environmental Remediation Services: How To Kickstart Your Career In Habitat Restoration

Environmental remediation services in California are in high demand. One of these services is habitat restoration planning.

California is changing how environmental remediation services are carried out in the state. One example is the Habitat Restoration & Enhancement Act (HRE Act). This policy aims to improve the state’s natural habitats for fish and wildlife species. 

Wondering what kind of projects need habitat restoration planning? Let’s explore how you can kickstart your career in this area.

Understanding Habitat Restoration Planning Demand

California’s habitats and wildlife are facing many challenges. Wildfires destroyed millions of acres of woodlands in 2020 and 2021. A University of California and the University of Washington study found that the Golden State could be facing a ten-year period of continued wildfires, especially in the Sierra Nevada region. Without adequate environmental remediation services, this will continue to get worse. 

Aquatic life in California also saw a significant decline as a result of water pollution, decreased water levels, and warmer temperatures. Approximately 90% of wetlands were lost and an estimated 350 species are now listed as endangered. As a result, State and Federal agencies adopted new legislation and policies to boost habitat restoration. 

The HRE Act is just one example of legislation that supports habitat restoration projects. An influx of new projects has subsequently opened up new opportunities for habitat restoration jobs and thus created a demand for AEC professionals in this field. If you’re an AEC professional with an interest or background in restoration, planning, or remediation, this is the best time to kickstart a new career. 

Areas That Need Habitat Restoration Planning

AEC professionals in this area have plenty of growth opportunities. Let’s take a look at where habitat restoration planning is needed most in California. 

  • Wetlands – California’s wetlands and watersheds need restoration and protection.
  • Water passages – This area focuses on removing barriers to fish passage and improving spawning habitats. 
  • Marshes – The state’s marshes need habitat restoration planning projects yearly. Including restoring tidal marsh, managing salt pond depth, and providing wildlife-orientated public access. 
  • Woodlands – Woodlands need seed reintroduction, planting, and soil control.

Current Habitat Restoration Projects Operating In California

Save The Bay is one of the largest environmental remediation projects in California. It is working to restore San Francisco Bay’s natural habitats. 

The organization restores San Francisco’s wetlands. It also educates the public on how to reduce pollution in their local habitats. Save The Bay is running Habitat Restoration Nursery and Habitat Field Fellowship programs. These programs focus on seed collection, reintroducing native plants, and weeding invasive species. 

Another example of a habitat restoration project that is currently underway is the Coal Oil Point Reserve Habitat Restoration project. This Santa Barbara project has various objectives including restoring coastal beaches, enhancing wetland habitats, invasive species removal, dune restoration, and more. 

Interested in getting involved in a similar project? Check out the Certis Solutions job board for more opportunities in habitat restoration. 

Kickstart Your Habitat Restoration Career With Certis

At Certis, our team can help you kickstart your career in habitat restoration. With the help of our technical recruiters, we’ll give you access to some of the best habitat restoration jobs there are. Sign up with Certis Solutions and take the next step in your career.