How to Approach a Civil Engineering Staffing Agency

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The post-pandemic United States is witnessing a rise in civil engineering jobs due to technological innovations, the need for better infrastructure, a diverse workforce, and economic development. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, civil engineering jobs are growing faster than the average at 8 percent. This is the significant reason most job aspirants seek a civil engineering job in the Golden State.

Architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms account for 10.10 percent of total employment in civil engineering, and to get access to them, you need to sign up for a civil engineering staffing agency. Engineering staffing agencies bridge the gap between employers and engineers with their top-notch employment services, including job search, skill development, and training. 

Curious as to how to approach and select a civil engineering agency? Read below for some tips to find out the benefits of working with civil engineering recruitment agencies like Certis Solutions. 

Tips for selecting the right engineering staffing agency

Signing on to many staffing agencies may not help you find your dream civil engineering job, as this can be time-consuming. Analyze a recruitment agency based on various parameters to ensure it meets your expectations and helps you find your ideal job opportunity. The following are a few things to keep in mind while selecting a civil engineering staffing agency.


Opt for a staffing agency with maximum reach, especially when you want to work in a specific location or state like California. You should look for a specialist civil engineering staffing agency with dedicated project consultants in the state to help you get access to your desired employers. 

Services offered 

For holistic career advancement, you need to be proficient in different areas within your field of specialization, like civil engineering. And, in most cases, top-notch engineering staffing agencies will help you enhance your skills and expertise through various training and development programs. Look for staffing agencies that provide additional job-related services, like resume-building and interview preparations.

Roles available

Civil engineering is a vast industry with many job titles, including project engineer, project manager, technician, civil engineering drafter, and architect to name a few positions that are highly sought after by engineers. Therefore, you need to find the recruiting agency that helps you get the role or job you want. Some civil engineering staffing agencies can only focus on contractor roles. In contrast, others can get you a permanent position, so find the one that best syncs with your role requirements. 


Looking at a staffing agency’s achievements, market standing, and reputation is important before trusting it to find you the desired role. You wouldn’t want to invest your time in an agency with a poor track record of placing candidates or that doesn’t maintain a professional relationship with civil engineering companies. 

Companies they partner with 

Does the recruiting agency you’re signing up for have the right contacts with the companies you aspire to work for? If not, then there’s no point in seeking their help. Always look for civil engineering recruitment agencies that share proximate relationships with the companies you’re interested in working with. 

Dedicated support 

Opt for a staffing agency that provides dedicated support, like a project specialist who can be available to answer questions and assist you with your queries. In short, you should have a point of contact that guides your path in finding the right job opportunity.

Benefits of working with Certis Solutions 

Finding the right job opportunity can be tiring, time-consuming, and challenging. We recommend you sign up with Certis Solutions for an easy way to get your dream job in civil engineering. When you apply for a civil engineering job through an online job portal like LinkedIn, you will notice similar companies appearing in your search result.

Certis Solutions maintains a professional relationship with companies not listed on a recruitment site or job portal, meaning you can contact these companies and find the right job in no time. Some other benefits may include:

  • Best-in-industry compensation; 
  • Continuous support and guidance from project specialists;
  • Training and development programs;
  • Resume-building and interview-preparation support;
  • Connects you with top AEC companies in California.

Search for your dream civil engineering jobs at Certis Solutions, your one-stop destination for finding work in California’s top architecture, construction, and engineering firms

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