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Job Outlook for Project Coordinators in California

Project Coordinator Jobs in California

Rising construction projects, infrastructure demands, and technology innovations in California offer a ripe opportunity for architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals seeking project coordinator jobs. Many companies are hiring project coordinators to overlook different AEC projects to maintain set standards and follow mandatory laws, regulations, and policies.

Factors that contribute to the increasing number of project coordinator jobs in California include:

  • Changing traditional and functional environments with more project-orientated ones to match the dynamic and contemporary industry standards;
  • Increasing numbers of heavy civil construction, fire restoration, compliance monitoring projects and;
  • The need for professionals who understand the changing environment, technology, and project standards to maintain smooth operation.

If you’re looking for project coordinator jobs in California, read below to learn about the growing job market, the areas with the highest pay rate, and maximum employment opportunities. Continue reading to learn how you can find project coordination jobs with the help of a technical staffing agency.

Project coordinator job market in California

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), by adding the cost of living, calculating the average salary, and determining career advancement, California is among top states in the country for project coordinator jobs. BLS has categorized project coordinators under business operation specialists, a high-demand profession in the country.

California is one of the best states to start your career as a project coordinator as entry-level project coordinators can earn between $46,000 to $51,500 per year, whereas with experience you can get up to $70,000 yearly.

Moreover, there are three major civil construction projects – Lake Isabella Dam Safety Modification Project, Los Angeles International Airport Landside Access Modernization Program, and California High-Speed Rail currently running in California. These projects can provide you with the required industry experience as a project coordinator. And the best way to grab the opportunity to work on these projects is by connecting or signing up with a technical staffing agency like Certis Solutions.

Top areas in California with the highest concentration of jobs

Following are the top eight cities in California that provide the highest hourly rate (as of this writing) to project coordinators and a vast opportunity to find work in the state:

  • San Francisco ($28.70)
  • Los Angeles ($26.30)
  • Irvine ($26)
  • San Jose ($25.90)
  • San Diego ($25.20)
  • Orange ($25.10)
  • Pasadena ($24.70)
  • Anaheim ($23.50)

Set yourself apart when applying for construction project coordination jobs

To stand out among other job applicants for a project coordinator job, work on acquiring a diverse skill set through various training or apprenticeship programs. You may also work on gaining Project Management Professional (PMP) certification to demonstrate expert knowledge and understanding of the job.

Along with acquiring the necessary educational qualifications, experience, and expertise, work on your resume and cover letter. Use the applicant tracking system (ATS) standards to format your resume to meet the search engine requirements while applying for project coordinator jobs online.

You can also eliminate the hassle of finding project coordination jobs on job portals such as LinkedIn by signing up with a technical staffing agency like Certis Solutions. They help you reach out to companies or firms you may not find on a job board. Moreover, a recruiting agency helps you broaden your network by connecting you with experienced professionals from top AEC firms.

A staffing agency provides necessary support in all steps of finding a job, from resume-building to preparing for a job interview. You have a dedicated point of contact, such as a consultant, who can guide your path and set you apart from other job applicants.Looking for a project coordinator job? Visit Certis Solutions, a platform that hosts multiple jobs across diverse AEC professions. Browse through the website to learn about our wide range of services in different areas of expertise, including environmental resources, construction, and emergency services.

Fire Damage Restoration Service Jobs

Fire Damage Restoration Service Jobs in California 

California has become a billion-dollar restoration hub due to several wildfire cases in recent years. The August Complex fire was the most damaging fire incident in 2020 as it destroyed more than 10,000 structures in the state, causing approximately $10 billion of property damage. 

Fire damage cases are rising in the state for many reasons, including climate change, debris burning, lightning, and smoking. And with rising temperatures and negligence by civilians, these cases are predicted to rise, which results in increasing fire damage restoration service jobs in California. 

Fire restoration services help return a fire-damaged property or structure to its previous state. It’s a dedicated process requiring skilled professionals to reconstruct or demolish the structure, thus making this skilled-based field highly competitive. 

Below, we discuss everything related to fire restoration services and their growing need in the state. Learn how a technical staffing agency can help you be part of these restoration projects. 

Types of fire damages 

Fire damages are categorized into three types—heat or burn, smoke and soot, and water. 

  • Heat or burn damages are related to the apparent damages caused by the fire, which include damages to drywall, fabric, stone, and bricks.
  • Every fire creates smoke that may penetrate deep into a structure. This smoke is hazardous and can cause severe health issues. 
  • Most fire accidents burn water connections or clog drainage systems with debris and fire residue, resulting in serious water damages that require restoration services to attain pre-fire normalcy. 

Why are fire damage restoration services important?

Restoring fire-damaged structures is a complex and lengthy process. Professionals need to examine the property’s size carefully and the severity of the damage to determine the course of action for restoration.

When you opt for fire restoration services, experienced professionals not only assist with restoration but also ensure your safety and protect you against potential fire damage in the future. They help in four different ways.

1. Clean and remove debris and fire residue

It’s difficult to measure the damage caused by a fire, especially when it burns drywalls, bricks, furniture, and fabrics. Fire restoration services help clear and clean these ashes or debris as an initial step to restoring normalcy.

2. Get rid of smoke and soot 

When a fire happens, there’s no telling how hazardous the gasses can be during and after. These gasses affect you and the building when they turn into smoke and soot. Smoke from a fire has the potential to destroy everything in a structure. And worse, inhaling the smoke and soot can severely affect human health. Restoration professionals work on removing the smoke by first assessing each layer of the surface to ensure maximum safety.

3. Tarping and board up 

Fire restoration services help you get rid of holes and gaps in infrastructure caused by the fire. This includes doors, windows, and rooftops. The professionals replace the damaged ones with new ones or reconstruct damaged portions to ensure future safety. 

4. Restore water damage 

Fire damage restoration service providers work on each affected or damaged structure element to ensure they’re back to pre-fire condition, including water restoration. The professionals work on fixing broken water pipes, replacing burned water pumps, and sanitizing the area to kill germs that may have entered the structure through the leakage. 

Job outlook for professionals in fire restoration

The demand for professionals working in fire restoration services is ever-increasing due to the state’s frequent number of fire cases and proclivity for future events. There are different career options individuals can choose within fire restoration services based on experience, educational credentials, skills, and interests. 

Some of the preferred roles include:

  • Mitigation/Restoration Project Manager
  • Assistant Restoration Technicians
  • Fire Restoration Laborers
  • Estimator (in restoration)
  • Water Technician 
  • Fire Inspector 
  • Fire Restoration Contractor 
  • Industrial Hygienist
  • Certified Asbestos Consultant (CAC) 

If you’re a working architecture, engineering, and construction (ACE) professional, you’ll find many opportunities to work on various fire restoration projects, such as the Creek Fire project. Because it’s part of a restoration service, you can find projects recovering and maintaining multiple habitats and ecosystems across California. 

Fire damage restoration service jobs in California

In California, some of the major companies hiring professionals across different fire restoration service job titles include:

  • Anvil Builders, Inc.
  • Geo-Logic Associates
  • WSP
  • Arcadis
  • Clean Harbors 
  • Teichert 
  • Bancroft Construction Services 
  • Forgen, LLC
  • Kleinfelder, Inc. 
  • Anrak 
  • P31 Enterprises, Inc.

The difference a technical staffing agency can make

A technical staffing agency like Certis Solutions has strong ties with top ACE companies that manage fire projects and perform various restoration services. Working with staffing companies like Certis provides unparalleled opportunities to work on prominent, highly desirable projects at these companies, and potentially find your next long-term career. 

Staffing agencies like Certis Solutions assign dedicated project consultants to work with you to find employment opportunities that match your educational background, expertise, and interest. Moreover, when you get hired on to a project through a staffing agency, you get assurance of long-term work and fair remuneration.

Technical staffing services make the job-hunting process less stressful while adding to your professional growth via different training sessions. Most importantly, they support you in bridging the gap between training, knowledge, and finding the right opportunity. 

By collaborating with a staffing agency, you can browse through promising job titles with top companies to take a step forward toward personal and professional growth. 
Certis Solutions helps connect skilled and dedicated ACE professionals with top companies. Get in touch with our experienced project consultants who interact with all our job seekers personally to help them find their next job hassle-free. Please contact us to learn more about our unique approach and dedicated staffing services.

Construction Superintendent Resume Tips: How to Write One That Will Get You Hired

Top Tips to Write a Construction Superintendent Resume

Increasing construction activity is giving rise to jobs in California across architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) fields. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment opportunities for construction Superintendents and Managers are likely to grow by 11 percent by the end of the decade. 

California is an ideal place to kickstart your career as a construction Superintendent due to the growing number of single-family and multi-family residential units, commercial buildings, heavy civil and infrastructure projects,  and land development  projects. In fact, as the country is attaining post-pandemic normalcy, many projects left unfinished are now being resumed. 

Below is a guide to assist with  building a construction superintendent resume that will stand out among other candidates. Continue reading to learn how a construction staffing agency can help you find your ideal job. 

Applying for construction jobs in California? Here’s what to know

As construction continues to rise in California, companies both large and small are looking to add to their teams. Below is a short list of companies actively seeking new and experienced talent. 

  • Flory Construction
  • Z Squared Construction 
  • Teichert Construction
  • Deacon
  • DesCor Builders 
  • SB James Construction 
  • Blue Northern Builders 

How to build a construction superintendent resume

1. Use the correct format 

A well-structured resume highlights your most important and relevant skills and work competencies for a job. At minimum, start with your name, a brief statement of the position you’re applying for, your education, a summary of your skills, current work experience, and a list of projects you’ve worked on. 

2. Keywords are essential

Using the right keywords in your construction superintendent resume is essential to grab a hiring manager’s attention. Most recruiters use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to match the submitted resume with the job description to shortlist candidates. Using relevant keywords in the job description to describe your work experience or skills optimizes your resume for search engines and better reach.  

3. Showcase certifications and licenses 

List additional credentials, including licenses and certificates, to showcase your advanced knowledge in the field. It also highlights your proficiency in handling different tasks involved in construction work. Some of the more notable construction certifications include:

4. Highlight accomplishments 

Along with listing your core qualifications and diverse skills, including quality control, accountability, adaptability, team-building, daily reports and checklists, also mention your accomplishments. It may include the top construction projects you have worked on in your previous role or company. We suggest adding the following details to the list: 

  • The size and number of projects you have worked on, including the project value;
  • Your experience working on different construction projects (i.e. commercial, industrial, residential, works, vertical or heavy civil, public or private, etc…).  Completing tasks within the set deadlines;
  • What responsibilities you have on a daily basis.

Leverage construction staffing solutions to land your next interview 

One of the best construction staffing solutions is to sign up with a technical recruitment agency like Certis Solutions that can help you find your dream construction job in California. We share a close relationship with top construction companies in the state, and across the country, which ensures long-term and continual work on promising projects. 

Certis Solutions provides access to unlisted companies and helps you broaden your network by connecting you with top industry professionals and experts. Our committed team of consultants and recruiters provides construction superintendent resume building services, interview preparation support, and employment training. We enable you to find a job that matches your personal and professional requirements and expectations. Moreover, our transparent pay rates help you get higher compensation than other professionals in the same field. Find your next construction superintendent job with Certis Solutions.

Does OSHA Certification Expire? And Other Questions You Should Be Asking

Does OSHA Certification Expire? What to Know

A press release shared by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2019 more than 5,300 workers died on job sites. Private industry accounted for 20 percent of worker fatalities in the same year, which is why construction workers are asked to meet safety standards and training requirements set by the U.S. Department of Labor and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). 

The OSHA act of 1970 states that every employer must provide a safe and healthy work environment to all workers. OSHA aims to prevent work-related illnesses, deaths, and injuries by enforcing strict standards, including proper employee training, education, and assistance. OSHA classifies construction workers based on their work and job title, including carpenters, laborers, glaziers, heavy equipment operators, construction supervisors, sheet metal workers, and others working in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. 

This blog answers several of the questions you may have about OSHA and the training program, including: Does OSHA certification expire? How long does it take to acquire? What types of OSHA certifications are even offered? Read below to learn how important is OSHA outreach training to remain safe at your workplace. 

OSHA certification’s importance in the construction industry 

Workplace injuries and illnesses have receded from 10.9 incidents per 100 construction workers in 1972 to 2.8 in 2019. OSHA’s Construction Focus Four is responsible for up to 80 percent of work-related injuries and fatalities:

  • Fall hazard
  • Struck by hazards
  • Electrocution hazards
  • Caught in/between hazards

AEC professionals, and in particular construction workers, must gain proper training for job-specific concerns, including what personal protective equipment (PPE) to use, general safety and health provisions, and fall protection for maximum workplace safety. 

Top questions asked about OSHA certification

1. What industries require OSHA certification?

Employees should have OSHA certification if a company falls under the general industry category. This may cover companies from office work to manufacturing. However, OSHA has set standards for Maritime, Agriculture, and Construction, making it mandatory for everyone aspiring to work in these industries to gain outreach training. 

2. How long does it take to get OSHA certification?

Entry-level construction professionals require OSHA 10-hour construction safety outreach training, whereas managerial professionals, such as foreman, project managers, and supervisors are required to take the OSHA thirty-hour training course. 

3. Does OSHA certification expire?

No, OSHA’s Department of Labor (DOL) cards are issued without expiration dates. However, some companies and government agencies may ask you to take the training again after a certain period of time to ensure you’re aware of job-specific concerns. 

4. How do I renew my OSHA certificate?

Since OSHA certifications don’t expire, you don’t have to retake the training. It’s recommended to refresh your knowledge about safety and specific job or project related concerns at your workplace every four to five years

Get on the career ladder with a technical staffing agency

With rising construction activity in the country, specifically in California, the demand for construction workers is also increasing. The dedicated and experienced recruiters at Certis Solutions provide a wide range of services like resume-building, interview preparation, and training programs to set you apart from other job aspirants. They also recognize your personal and professional goals to find an opportunity that meets your expectations.

Certis Solutions shares a great relationship with top construction companies in the state and across the country that can provide you with continual, long-term employment. Moreover, our pay rate transparency promotes higher salaries. Visit Certis Solutions to learn more about our services or to find your next construction job. 

What to Consider When Starting Your Career As An Entry-Level Engineer

The Ultimate Guide to Entry-Level Engineering Jobs  

Engineering is a diverse field that uses technology and scientific principles to design, invent, and build structures, machines, and various advanced systems. It’s a broad subject with different areas of specialization, including civil, mechanical, computer science, electronics, aerospace, and chemical. 

You can seek employment in the respective area of studies by acquiring the relevant educational degrees or qualifications. Plus, getting hands-on training and additional credentials in the field is always important to gain in-depth knowledge and experience to find your ideal entry-level engineering jobs.  

Throughout your educational journey, you may have come across things like placement opportunities, resume building, network enhancement or industry standards, so here’s a comprehensive guide that decodes all these things to help kickstart your career in engineering. 

Taking your first step as an entry-level engineer

The market for engineering services in the United States is expected to rise by 3.3 percent in 2022, making it an over $257 billion industry. Over the coming decade, the number of jobs within the different engineering fields will likely rise by 5 percent.

To secure an entry-level engineering job, set yourself apart from other new graduates or entry-level professionals by working on your skills and experience. Keep the following tips top of mind when beginning your career in engineering. 

  • Pursue multiple training opportunities, such as an apprenticeship program or internship, to gain industry experience and knowledge.
  • Broaden your network by connecting with experienced industry professionals or hiring managers. Use platforms like Design News, Engineering.com, and The Engineering Exchange to connect with engineering professionals and access extensive subject-related libraries and directories. 
  • Update your resume and cover letter using an applicant tracking system (ATS) to find keywords and format matching the job description and industry standards, respectively. 
  • Contact an engineering staffing agency like Certis Solutions, which provides unparalleled opportunities to work with some of California’s biggest architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) companies.  

What all entry-level engineers need to know before their first interview

Engineering is one of the highest-paid jobs in the United States, with an average salary of $79,000. In the United States, the median annual salary of aerospace engineers is over $122,000, whereas civil engineers can earn more than $88,000 with relevant experience and education qualifications. 

With the increasing remuneration rate, the field is becoming highly competitive among new graduates, making it hard to find entry-level engineering jobs in the country. This is precisely why you need to excel in a job interview to secure an opportunity that comes your way. Below are a few things that you should know before your first engineering job interview.

1. Career goals 

Setting your career goals is the first step you take to begin your career in the respective field of engineering. Look for entry-level engineering jobs with scope for future development by reading company reviews or connecting with existing and former employees of the company you want to work with. 

2. Requirement needed 

Carefully read the job description to understand its requirements and to match them with your educational qualifications, area of expertise, credentials, and skills. Avoid applying to jobs that don’t fit your proficiency or background.  

3. Strengths and weaknesses 

Most employers or interviewers ask questions about your strengths and weaknesses, mainly because they want to know how you self-evaluate yourself and how well you know your personality traits. This means you must strategize beforehand to discuss your strengths and weaknesses to emerge as a strong and confident job aspirant. Remember, recognizing your weaknesses is also one of your strengths. Use it wisely to set yourself apart from others. 

4. Preferred work environment 

Engineering is a dynamic field that involves a lot of fast-paced work, including team building, design changes, compliance monitoring and maintaining all the set standards. Ensure you understand your job’s physical and mental needs. In an interview, you must tell how comfortable you are dealing with workplace challenges, which shows preparedness and understanding of what the work entails. 

5. Salary and benefits preferences 

Nobody wants to get underpaid, so make sure you browse through available online portals to find the average salary for entry-level engineering professionals to quote negotiable remuneration numbers in a job interview. It’s best to use the industry standard while filling up your salary expectation. 

Interview preparation tips for entry-level engineering jobs

Experiencing anxiety and stress before a job interview is normal, especially when looking for entry-level engineering jobs as a new graduate or inexperienced candidate. To help you overcome your fear, here are a few interview tips to keep in mind to nail your upcoming job interview: 

  • Check with the recruiter or talent acquisition coordinator about any interview requirements and other information, and who will be interviewing you. 
  • Research the company to learn about their clients, projects, corporate social responsibility, and other relevant things. Also know the role of your interviewer. 
  • To create a solid first impression, dress appropriately. 
  • Show exemplary professionalism through gestures.
  • Always quote examples when answering project or subject-based questions to showcase your field knowledge. 
  • Prepare three to four questions for the employers to showcase your interest in the company and its projects. It also shows you spent time researching the company. 

Certis Solutions: work with an experienced engineering staffing agency

When you choose to work with an engineering staffing agency, dedicated and experienced professionals work closely with you to find entry-level engineering jobs in top AEC firms. At Certis Solutions, we understand your personal and professional goals to offer a personalized candidate experience and find a job that matches your requirements. 

From resume building to interview preparation, Certis Solutions guides you through every step of the recruitment process to ensure you get your dream job. We also aim to find long-term career opportunities for all our clients with competitive pay rates. Visit our website to learn more about our services or to find an engineering job in California. You can also write to us at info@certisaec.com.

3 Useful Resources For Engineers in the Environment Resources Industry

3 Resources to Find Environment Resources Jobs

California is set to outpace other states by adding more than 58,000 environmental resources jobs by 2030 to the country’s green economy. These employment opportunities will likely attract innovation, investment, and green job creation in the Golden State. 

The government’s rising interest in environmental development projects is one of the key reasons for the growing number of jobs in environmental resources management. The Employment Development Department (EDD) of California projects that the demand for environmental scientists will increase by 11 percent in the next five years, creating over 1,600 job openings. 

Curious about how you can grab information related to environmental resources jobs, research, and training material in California? Read the blog to learn about three valuable resources for all employment-related information. 

Top resources in environmental resources management

1. Webinars and conferences 

Webinars and conferences offer the best way to polish your skills and build your knowledge. Attending these events allows you to learn from experienced industry professionals and experts. As an environmental resources professional, you’ll have a platform to learn about the shift in the current environmental industry, the need for compliance monitoring, adhering to governmental standards, laws and regulations and much more. 

You can use this information to showcase your work competencies and in-depth industry knowledge to stand out among other job applicants. Some of the top environment-related webinars in the country include:

2. Networking societies and organizations 

Regardless of your engineering field, networking is important for growth, guidance, and opportunities in general. It helps you connect with industry professionals that can refer you to different environment resources jobs and environment monitoring projects in California and all over the world. Industry experts can guide you on the right path to career advancements and new opportunities. 

Moreover, engineering is a competitive field, and it’s always great to know people who can validate your achievements and credentials, setting you apart from other candidates. You can join the following organizations that will help broaden your network:

3. Engineering staffing agencies 

Technical staffing agencies remove the stress, anxiety, and struggle of finding an environmental resources management job by connecting you with your desired employer. Staffing agencies like Certis Solutions share an impeccable relationship with leading companies, which helps bonafide professionals get placed in their dream job. They also provide information about the latest market trends and upcoming environmental projects. 

Kickstart your engineering career in environmental resources with Certis Solutions 

Certis Solutions is an all-inclusive platform that helps you find your dream engineering or environmental job with various reputable companies in the industry. We help you connect with employers not listed on other job portals or employment sites like LinkedIn. 

Our highly trained professionals at Certis Solutions help you find a job that meets both your professional and personal expectations and goals. We provide resume-building services, training and development programs, continual employment opportunities, and interview preparation support to ensure you successfully obtain your dream job. 

With us, you also have access to a broad network of architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals across different sectors, including environmental resources, construction, and emergency management. Visit Certis Solutions to browse environmental positions in California. To learn more about our wide range of AEC services and firms, contact us or write to us at info@certisaec.com.