AEC Firms

Certis Solutions’ mission is to provide our AEC clients the freedom to focus on securing new projects, while we invest our resources on managing their labor forecasting needs. Certis begins by assembling a specialized talent pool the moment a new project is proposed. We then begin coordinating with our client partners to identify the gaps on your AEC project teams, so these resources are available for deployment the moment you are awarded the project. Our clients enjoy unparalleled benefits that help them outperform the competition, including:

  • Mitigation of the financial burden caused by excessive hiring in pursuit of new projects.
  • Improved employee morale and avoidance of reputational harm caused by over-hiring, which often leads to “predictable turnover.”
  • Access to an extensive pool of highly specialized talent.
  • Utilization of our “just-in-time” workforce solution to aggressively bid on new projects without carrying the financial burden of nonproductive labor.
  • Deliver projects on time and on budget in a highly competitive labor market.
  • Gain the luxury to bring back consultants’ multiple times, under positive circumstances, as project needs fluctuate.

Certis is dedicated to partnering with our clients through the entire life cycle of their projects. This includes assigning an industry experienced Project Manager, who will act as your sole point of contact through the duration of the project. Your personal Certis Project Manager will possess intimate knowledge of all aspects of your organization and your project, ensuring optimal delivery.