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Why You Should Work with a Technical Staffing Agency

In the United States, The Engineering Services Industry is ranked fourth by market size and is the forty-first largest industry in the country. Moreover, the engineering industry is likely to witness a 3.3 percent growth this year, offering plenty of employment opportunities to professionals aspiring to build a career in engineering.

California has become a hub for engineering jobs across different engineering fields for many reasons, including growing infrastructure demands, technology requirements, and natural calamities. We will discuss what you need to know about engineer jobs in California and will show how a technical staffing agency can help you find your dream job.

The Engineering Industry is Highly Competitive

In 2020, 199,790 degrees were awarded to engineering graduates. The number of engineering graduates in the workforce is increasing by 1.44 percent every year. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 140,000 jobs will be added to the industry over the next few years. This makes the country’s engineering industry highly competitive. The most demanding engineering fields in the country include mechanical, civil, chemical, and electrical and electronic engineering.

To find engineering jobs in architecture, construction, and engineering (ACE) firms, you must have soft skills, including judgment and decision-making, critical thinking, complex problem solving, time management, and reading comprehension. Having an engineering degree alone might not be enough for some positions. 

Engineering Jobs in California: Statistics

Engineering is a vast field with different areas of specialization, including mechanical, petroleum, environmental, chemical, civil, industrial, computer hardware, and electrical. You can apply to work in any engineering field based on your educational background, interest, experience, and skills. The California engineering job market breaks down as follows below.

Civil engineering jobs

In California, jobs for Civil Engineers are likely to rise by 4.1 percent in the next ten years with about a forty-eight dollars per hour median wage rate. Professionals looking to build a successful career in civil engineering can opt for different career options within the field, which include:

  • Engineering Project Managers
  • Geotechnical Engineer
  • Architect
  • Engineering Inspectors and Regulatory Officers
  • Civil Engineering Drafters

Chemical Engineering Jobs

Job opportunities for Chemical Engineers are projected to grow by 21.4 percent in California in the next ten years. With experience and industry-specific experience, entry-level professionals in chemical engineering can get into managerial or top-level roles, such as Chemical Plant Technical Director, Project Manager, and Plant Process Manager. California offers the perfect opportunity for career advancement as it’s home to some top chemical manufacturing companies, including Colorax, Amyris, and Cibus.

Environmental Engineering Jobs

With the deteriorating condition of the natural environment, California has become a hub for professionals looking to build a career in environmental resource management jobs. The employment opportunities for Environmental Engineers is likely to increase by 9 percent in upcoming years in California. Work on acquiring higher educational degrees and skill sets to be able to apply for environmental engineering jobs in the state.

Electrical Engineering Jobs

Electrical Engineer job opportunities will grow by 4.7 percent in the next five years. California is also one of the top-paying states in the United States for Electrical Engineers, so if you’re looking for a job in electrical engineering, there’s no better place than the Golden State.

Industrial Engineering Jobs

California offers an approximately forty-eight dollars per hour wage to industrial Engineers, which is why new graduates and entry-level professionals are looking for California engineering jobs. Moreover, in upcoming years, the jobs for industrial Engineers will likely increase by 2.5 percent in the state. Professionals can opt for different industrial engineering career options, including Manufacturing Technicians, Industrial Mechanics, Supply Chain Analysts, and Quality Assurance Inspectors.

A Technical Staffing Agency Can Bridge the Engineer-Employer Gap

Due to rising competition in the engineering industry, many new graduates fail to find the right opportunity to begin their career. Moreover, getting into the desired ACE firms has become much more challenging in light of rising demand for the profession. This is why you would benefit from the help and support of a technical staffing agency like Certis Solutions.

Signing up with an engineering staffing agency eliminates the hassle of going on LinkedIn or other job portals, updating your profile, and building connections to expand your network. It offers direct access to companies and firms hiring engineering graduates or professionals.

The highly trained recruiting team  at Certis Solutions evaluate and analyze your background, educational credentials, and work competencies to find a job matching your skills and interests. They aim to meet both your professional and personal goals by understanding what you want from an engineering job.

Our recruiters  are dedicated to helping you, and are your primary point of contact. They will assist with interview preparation, enhance your skills via training and certifications, and boost your confidence while helping you search for the ideal California engineering jobs.

Furthermore, a technical staffing agency helps you build a strong network within the industry that you can use for career advancements. You get easy access to unlisted engineering job opportunities rarely advertised and limited to professionals within a network like Certis Solutions.

Certis Solutions also ensures you get a higher wage than average, eliminating the need for salary negotiations. It offers you plenty of opportunities to find continual employment in the architecture, construction, and engineering firm of your choice.

If you have questions related to our top-notch employment services, please contact us now. You can also write to us at [email protected].

How to Write a Great Resume for Engineers

If you’re in the business of construction engineering in California, there are countless companies and staffing agencies eager to hear from you. The need for construction workers and engineers in the Golden State is ever increasing as cities, companies, and communities expand. 

However, job seekers in skilled trades will encounter competition. Construction staffing agencies are looking for only the best. This means that if you want to win your engineering job in the construction industry, you’re going to have to wow construction staffing agencies with an excellent resume. 

Exactly what your resume should look like depends heavily on the specific engineering job you’re applying for, and what sort of construction site you expect to work at. This blog will give some tips for job-searching engineers on how to present a resume that staffing services will notice.


The point of any resume is to highlight skills and talents. However, even the most thorough construction staffing agencies will have limited time to review your resume. This means you need to hyper focus on the skills that are most sought after. Here’s a guide to what to zero in on.

Specific and relevant skills

As mentioned, there are a variety of engineering jobs out there in construction. Don’t make your resume sound generic. You’re a skilled tradesperson with an area of expertise, so be sure to mention that area of expertise. 

Up-to-date skills

Construction engineering is constantly evolving, and even in the short term, many of the requirements for skilled tradesmen will change. This means that it’s key you present the most up-to-date information and skills on your resume. Get specific. List your licenses and certifications. These are just as important, if not more so, than your educational qualifications. 

The soft skills 

When applying to construction recruiting agencies, emphasize soft skills. These can be considered the “icing on the cake” or the extra flair that lets you stand out among the many other qualified candidates. 

But what soft skills are helpful enough to put on your resume without seeming like you’re padding it with non-relevant information? There are generally a few soft skills that most construction businesses will look for. Here’s a good starter list.

Problem solving: When emphasizing your skills in engineering and mathematics, it’s essential to highlight your problem-solving abilities. Give examples of work experience where your problem solving, innovation, and creativity were on display. If you have actual projects you completed, showcase them.

Attention to detail: In construction engineering, details are everything. Try to think of examples where your attention to detail was a lifesaver.

Communication skills: You can be the most brilliant engineer in the world, but that won’t help anyone if you’re unable to communicate your insights and ideas. Emphasize your communication skills with construction staffing agencies.

Leadership: All the other soft skills listed are evidence you’ll work well in an existing team. Placing emphasis on your leadership abilities will show you’re able to excel. 

Beyond skills

Your resume needs to highlight your skill set to any potential construction staffing agency. But is there anything else you should include in a resume for construction engineering?

Licenses, certifications, and education are all good, hard proof of your capabilities. What’s also good to have is a list of contacts who can directly attest to your engineering skills.

Add a personal touch on the resume too. Generally, this comes in the form of a cover letter. A good cover letter will outline not only a concise argument for your competency but a way to express your goals in looking to take on the job in question.

Beyond the resume

Building a great resume is the first step toward developing the career you want. Certis Solutions takes you the rest of the way. Our recruiting team is here to help you take your career in construction engineering to exactly the places you want to go. Contact us today to get started.