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California offers endless inspiration for many architects. From the modern buildings of Silicon Valley to the Spanish Colonial-style structures in San Diego, California is home to great architecture. That’s why many AEC professionals choose the Golden State when searching for growth opportunities in the architectural industry. 

In this post, we discuss the different areas of architecture that AEC professionals can explore and the future of architecture jobs in California.

The Future Of Architecture In The Golden State

One thing that the pandemic has taught all of us is that we need to be adaptable and resilient. The same is true for architecture in California. Many architects across the state continued to design and produce wonderful feats of architecture and engineering in the last few years. As a result, the future of architecture is still very much alive. 

In the United States, it is estimated that the availability of architecture jobs will grow by 3% between now and 2030. This works out to approximately 9,400 job openings each year. While that may be small in comparison to engineering jobs, it’s continued growth and demand for these AEC professionals.

With the demand for residential properties rising to meet housing demand over the next few years, this will have a positive impact on those searching for architecture jobs in California. Regardless of your chosen architecture discipline (commercial, residential, landscape, etc.), California’s population is set to grow and structures are needed to accommodate this growth and associated needs.  

Architecture Applications: What Areas Can AEC Professionals Explore

When people think about architecture, images of historical buildings or innovative commercial designs often come to mind. Yet, architecture jobs can be found in many different genres of building design. Below, we look at the most popular applications for architecture that are used in California today. 


Commercial architecture focuses on the design of large-scale buildings and structures that will be used for business purposes. Buildings under this category can be the headquarters for a multinational corporation or a dedicated commercial zone for retail stores. This field of architecture is one of the most popular in the Golden State. 

Many architectural designer jobs in this genre tend to be with big architecture firms that have a large portfolio of commercial designs such as Marmol Radziner or Morphosis. Growth opportunities in this field of architecture are plentiful, especially in California. 


Residential building design is the next most popular field of architecture for AEC professionals. As the name suggests, residential architecture jobs focus on the design of living spaces and structures required for non-commercial purposes. 

Architects looking to get involved in the residential sector have a broader choice of firms that they could work with. Many big-name architecture firms are multidisciplinary and include residential projects. For example, San Francisco firm Aidlin Darling Design has an innovative portfolio of residential buildings. One of their most notable designs is the High Desert Retreat.

Yet, there are also those niche design firms in California that are creating stunning residential properties across the state. Andrew Skurman Architects and Fougeron Architecture are two of many residential design firms that offer great growth opportunities to architects. 


The industrial field of architecture specially involves the design of buildings that value function over aesthetically pleasing design. Buildings such as manufacturing facilities, breweries, power plants, and refineries classify as industrial buildings. 

The Ford Richmond Assembly Plant in Richmond, California is a notable example of this field of architecture. While not as popular as commercial or residential architecture, the Golden State offers many growth opportunities for those looking for architecture jobs in industrial design. 


This discipline of architecture involves the designing of natural, open spaces. Landscape architects work on a range of projects including  urban planning, playground design, tourism strategies, and private residential properties. Landscape architecture jobs are often needed as part of California’s environmental restoration projects for the creation of wetlands or the restoration of river systems.

Urban Design

Urban design is another popular field that architecture professionals can search for career opportunities in the Golden State. It focuses on the functionality and aesthetics of structures and spaces on a larger scale. Urban designers combine architecture and urban planning knowledge to design parks, community spaces, street networks, towns, and cities. 

Openings For Architecture Professionals 

There are various ways that AEC professionals can get involved in California’s architecture industry. Here are some of the potential job opportunities that you can explore today: 

  • Landscape architect
  • Urban planner
  • Research architect
  • Restoration architect
  • Industrial designer
  • Architectural technologist
  • Building surveyor & inspector
  • Interior designer
  • Structural engineer
  • Architectural drafter

Whether you are looking for a landscape architecture role or an architectural engineering job, there are various ways that you can grow your career in California. 

Notable California Architecture Projects 

This article wouldn’t be complete without looking at some of the exciting architectural projects in the Golden State. There are many innovative buildings and spaces that will leave a lasting impression on the Californian skyline. 

  1. TransAmerica Pyramid 

One of California’s most iconic skyscrapers, the TransAmerica Pyramid, is a feat of architectural and engineering design. Designed by famous architect William Pereira, it was built in 1972 and is the second tallest building in San Francisco. 

  1. The Getty Center

The Getty Center in Los Angeles is one of the Golden States’ famous museums. Many call it LA’s ‘modern acropolis’ as it sits below the Santa Monica Mountains and gives spectacular views of the city. Designed by Richard Meier & Partners, it incorporates 1.2 million square feet of stone. 

  1. Walt Disney Concert Hall

The Walt Disney Concert Hall is a classic example of postmodern architecture at its finest. Designed by the famous architect Frank Gehry, this steel masterpiece resembles the sails of a boat and expertly blends style and function. The interior concert hall was designed in such a way to amplify acoustics while also allowing each concert goer an unobstructed view of the stage and orchestra. 

  1. The Stahl House

While there are many beautiful residential homes across the Golden State, one architectural design that has stood out is The Stahl House. Providing stunning views of Los Angeles, this sleek and modern Hollywood Hills home was designed by Pierre Koenig. 

Benefits Of Working With A Technical Staffing Agency To Find Architecture Jobs

Finding the right architecture job in California can be a challenge for many. Yet, working with a technical staffing agency can make the experience hassle-free. As recruitment specialists, we believe that any professional in the AEC industry should work with a dedicated staffing agency. Why is this?

Technical staffing agencies have the connections and resources that you need to further your career in architecture. These agencies work specifically with AEC firms that are looking for talented professionals to work on projects across the Golden States. Often, technical staffing agencies have access to career opportunities that most individuals can’t find on other job boards such as Indeed. 

If you are serious about finding new growth opportunities in architecture, you will get the most value if you work with a dedicated technical staffing group. 

Certis: Offering High-Level Technical Staffing Solutions For Architects

At Certis Solutions, we have deep-rooted relationships with prominent architecture firms in California. When you partner with us, one of our technical recruiters will be selected to help you find the best opportunities to drive your personal and professional success. 

Interested in learning more? The Certis team is here to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today and browse our job board to view the latest architecture jobs in the Golden State.

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