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California recently had a boom in the construction of commercial and residential properties. As per a report in 2021, multi-family construction increased by 17 percent, with more than 52,000 new units built. The same year, single-family residential (SFR) projects were up by 7 percent, with 64,500 structures built.

The primary reasons contributing to the increasing number of renovation and construction projects include rising housing demands, growing transportation needs, numerous destructive wildfires, and seismic events. Consequently, more architecture, construction, and engineering (ACE) companies are looking for skilled professionals. Read on for reasons for this growth of the construction industry and the ten most prominent companies in the state that hire professionals across different job titles.

Why the California Construction Industry Won’t Be Slowing Down

The global pandemic largely affected the world’s economy, especially at the beginning of 2021. The construction industry also suffered due to COVID-19 with an increase in construction material prices, supply-chain problems, and a lack of workers. As a result, many projects got canceled or delayed.

Despite the delays, construction projects were completed across the state, including San Diego, the Los Angeles metro area, and Sacramento. This encouraged construction companies in California to continue bidding for work and resuming business-as-usual activities. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), California is one of the top two states with maximum employment opportunities in the construction industry. More than 670,000 construction jobs across different sectors are available throughout California. Some of the top construction jobs in California likely to rise in upcoming years include:

  • Construction Supervisors (2.4%)
  • Construction Laborers (3.2%)
  • Operating Engineers (3.6%)
  • Highway Maintenance Workers (4.8%)
  • Construction and Building Inspectors (6.7%)
  • Brickmasons and Blockmasons (15.8 %)
  • Stonemasons (24.6%)
  • Floor Sanders and Finishers (35.1%)
  • Insulation Workers, Mechanical (38.4%)

There are other job titles, including Heavy Civil Estimators, Project Managers, Ready-mix Drivers, Pile-driver Operators, Tile and Stone Setters, and Glaziers Experiencing a rise in demand in the state. 

Top Construction Companies in California

California is home to some of the biggest construction companies in the country, working on an array of exciting projects in the public and private sectors. These companies offer unprecedented opportunities to upskill your knowledge and work competencies to thrive in your career. 

Ten construction companies in California to keep your eye on include:

1. Ahtna Design-Build

Ahtna is one of the thirteen Alaska Native Regional Corporations established under Congress’s Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971. Apart from design-build and construction services, this company also has established other business lines focused on other fields, including environmental consulting, government services, marine construction,  engineering,  logistics and procurement, and geomatics and technology.

2. Deacon

Deacon is a renowned construction company with offices in Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, and Pleasanton. It offers various services, including general construction, remodel improvement, repair and renovation, and collaborative project design. Deacon’s popular construction projects include Hyatt House and Hyatt Palace, The Waymark Apartments, and Logistic Center at Southport. 

3. DesCor Builders

Based in the greater Sacramento area, DesCor Builders is a licensed contractor that provides different preconstruction, construction, and maintenance services across North California. The company aims to provide top-notch construction services at affordable prices. DesCor Builders completed some of the biggest construction projects in the state, including

  • Elica Health Center 
  • South Sutter Charter School
  • Bruceville Point Senior Community
  • Sacramento River Cats | Western Health Advantage’ Legacy Club

4. Brown Construction

Situated in West Sacramento, Brown Construction was founded in 1964 by William (Bill) Brown. This general contractor brings over fifty years of experience to Northern California and focuses on single and multi-family housing projects, as well as commercial construction. Yolo Food Bank, Folsom Corporate Center, George Sim Community Center, and Aggie Stadium at UC Davis are among some popular construction projects led by the company. 

5. Teichert Construction

Teichert is a family-owned and operated construction company based in Sacramento, California. The company has been helping develop the state’s infrastructure for more than 125 years, since its inception in 1887. Teichert features a diverse line of business operations that offer different public and private services, including construction and site development, solar installation and design, aggregate supply, joint trench, and utilities. 

6. Z Squared Construction

Situated in El Dorado Hills, Z Squared Construction is a women-owned small business offering exceptional quality, dedication, and commitment to its vertical construction projects for local, state, federal, and private entities. They provide preconstruction and construction services, including permitting, material acquisition, and change order negotiation. The project portfolio of Z Squared Construction includes top projects like:

  • Folsom Middle School
  • DB Childcare TI
  • Sierra Army Depot 
  • Sacramento International Airport

7. Colin Construction Company

This company focuses on construction projects related to health care in California. Some of its notable projects include Children’s Hospital Oakland Nuclear Medicine CT, Mercy Imaging Center Roseville, St. Joseph’s Medical Center Expansion and Remodel, and UCSF Interventional MR.

8. Blue Northern Builders

Blue Northern Builders was established in 2002 in Rocklin by Marc Davis (retired founder). The company provides different services, including 3D scanning, remodeling and renovation, designing, and general construction of commercial buildings. Some of the top construction projects led by Blue Northern Builders include Burlingame Pediatric Dentistry Office, Southern Marin Dermatology Office, Clear Choice Healthcare Centre, and Foothill Bible Church in Lincoln.  

9. Flory Construction

Flory Construction has completed some of the most eye-catching and popular construction projects in and around California, including the Heart of the Bay Christian Center, Destiny Church, Cal Oils, Minnesota Corn Products Manufacturing Plant, and Strong Tower.

10. SB James Construction

SB + James has a diverse pool of talented designers, project engineers, and managers that work together on different construction and design projects across the State. This company has a diverse project portfolio but excels in health care and education projects. Some of  their notable projects include: 

  • Placer High Music Hall
  • Kaiser DOCO Family Medicine Residency Lounge
  • UC Davis Health Point West Specialty Clinic
  • River Oaks Elementary School 
  • St. Mary’s Dormitory 

How to Set Yourself Up for Success

If you’re searching for construction jobs in California, consider reaching out to a construction staffing agency. A staffing agency can be your biggest advocate and set you up for success by helping to connect you with some of the top construction companies in California.

Construction staffing agencies like Certis Solutions have strong partnerships with prominent companies in California and provide candidates exclusive access to work on high-profile and desirable projects across the state. Staffing agencies connect you with experienced recruiting professionals that guide and prepare you to find your dream job. Want to learn more about the impeccable staffing services of Certis Solutions? Visit our website or contact us today!

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