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Fire clean-up and restoration are vital emergency services carried out every day across the United States. As wildfires rage through many parts of California, businesses, residential properties, and habitats are lost. Man-made incidents have also led to increased fires in recent years. Yet, what happens once the fires are extinguished?

Those working in disaster recovery jobs know that wildfire season can have devastating impacts. Fire restoration services are a necessary part of clean-up efforts in the aftermath. Let’s delve deeper into what these emergency services entail and the importance of fire clean-up across California. We’ll also look at how AEC professionals can join fire restoration and clean-up projects. 

Why Is California In Need Of Fire Clean-Up Services 

Every year the Golden State faces a dangerous threat from wildfires. These disasters are considered a natural part of California’s landscape. According to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire), the past five years have seen eight of the state’s largest fires. The Dixie Fire Incident of 2021 destroyed over 963,309 acres across five counties. 

Wildfires and other man-made fires inevitably destroy structures and habitats. But, they are also harmful to the environment. Air quality in California is among the poorest in the US and, one contributing factor is wildfire smoke. The debris and ash left by fires pollute water systems including rivers and streams. Ground soil becomes unable to absorb water, and food sources for animals get destroyed. 

In the case of buildings, the hazardous materials exposed after the fire pose a significant threat to human health. This threat is why the public is discouraged from cleaning up debris themselves. Fire restoration professionals have the knowledge and equipment needed to remove any damage caused by wildfires or man-made fires. 

High incident rates of fires in California mean fire clean-up is a necessary restoration service. As the risks of fire damage continue to rise, many firms are looking for AEC professionals to assist in fire damage restoration services. 

The Process Of Fire Restoration After Natural And Man-Made Disasters

The extent and length of fire clean-up services will vary depending on the situation. For wildfires, the fire damage restoration process could take years to complete. Yet, in both natural and man-made disasters the following processes are carried out by an emergency response team: 

  • Water damage clean-up
  • Soot removal and clean-up
  • Smoke damage clean-up
  • Burnt materials clean-up

For man-made fires, AEC professionals carry out a fire damage assessment before the clean-up process can begin. This process includes securing the property from weather damage, removing standing water to prevent mold growth, and assessing the full extent of the damage. The length of this initial phase can take a few weeks to carry out. 

Next, the fire clean-up team will begin the soot removal, hazardous material removal, and smoke damage restoration stage. This part of fire damage restoration poses the most risk to emergency services personnel. Those in this field of emergency management need to use necessary safety precautions. 

Following removal, the restoration and repair stages of the clean-up process can begin. Depending on the structural damage of the property, AEC professionals involved in fire clean-up services may carry out a full or partial rebuild of the building. 

Fire Damage Restoration Services For Wildfire Clean-Up

The clean-up process in the aftermath of a wildfire is a large operation carried out by several divisions of the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES). For example, CalRecycle plays a substantial role in removing debris from destroyed areas. Yet, there is a lot more involved in restoring areas harmed by wildfires. 

Ground soil is one of the areas affected the most by forest fires and wildfires. Fire damage restoration services must stabilize the soil and restore its water absorption abilities. This can be done via vegetative promotion methods such as planting or targeted mulching. 

Erosion prevention services are needed to prevent soil movement on slopes or sediment movement in streams. Many fire clean-up professionals install grade control structures in streams to prevent further erosion in the future. Often, the removal of debris and hazardous waste is the largest part of the fire clean-up process after wildfires. 

Once this is completed, the natural habitat will be able to heal itself, and wildlife native to the area will begin to return. Many AEC professionals get involved in disaster recovery and habitat restoration projects in California counties affected by wildfires. That is why there is a consistent interest in wildlife fire clean-up jobs in the Golden State every year. 

Field Service Capabilities For Fire Clean-Up And Restoration Services

AEC professionals looking to get involved in disaster recovery and fire clean-up efforts can work in an array of positions. The field service capabilities for fire restoration services range from task force leaders to land surveyors and industrial hygiene experts. 

Let’s have a look at the job opportunities for those looking to get involved in emergency management services like fire clean-up:

  • Project managers
  • Environmental task force leaders
  • Certified asbestos consultants (CAC)
  • Health and safety professionals
  • Biologists and GIS professionals
  • Land surveyors
  • Professional foresters
  • Administrative staff
  • Air quality specialists
  • Geologists
  • SWPPPs, QSDs, and QSPs 
  • Industrial hygienists
  • TRAQ certified arborists 

Fire clean-up jobs are not in short supply. If you are a trained professional in the AEC industry looking to get involved in disaster recovery services, consider applying for these positions today. Working in the fire restoration services industry is rewarding on many levels.

Get Started In Fire Clean-Up Services With An AEC Staffing Agency

The reality is that California will need disaster recovery and fire clean-up services for many years to come. If you are looking to grow your career further by getting involved in fire restoration services or disaster recovery projects, work with an AEC staffing agency today. 

Why work with a staffing agency? Technical AEC staffing firms like Certis Solutions are dedicated to working with technical professionals that work in the disaster recovery industry. Our technical recruiters and experienced account managers have extensive industry knowledge, can help you grow in your career, and will provide you with access to the best fire restoration jobs in California. 

Interested in hearing more about how you can further your fire clean-up career? Get in touch with our team today.

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