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The construction industry in California is booming. Demand for property in cities across the state continues to grow. This is driving the need for AEC firms to hire skilled professionals. This demand will create unlimited opportunities for construction professionals looking to level up. 

Wondering why construction is in demand in the Golden State? We explore this reason below and talk about the construction jobs in California that firms are hiring for. 

California Construction Is Beginning To Heat Up 

The pandemic put many construction and engineering projects on hold. But it’s now full steam ahead, and the end is nowhere in sight. This comes as great news for construction workers. The end of 2021 saw a rise in the demand for housing, especially in San Diego and Sacramento. This means the future of construction is looking bright. 

Construction employment isn’t back up to pre-pandemic levels. Yet, there are lots of construction management jobs for AEC professionals in California. Ongoing wildfires and seismic events mean buildings need to be renovated. Infrastructure needs to be updated to accommodate growing transportation needs. And, zoning changes will create more space for residential projects. 

Commercial construction projects are primed to follow the same trajectory. California is a hub for tech companies and startups. And, the likelihood of top companies wanting to set up office spaces in the Golden State is almost guaranteed. This is a good sign for construction jobs in California as skilled professionals are in high demand.  In fact, most construction firms throughout California are looking to fill positions today!

If you are looking to get involved in upcoming projects, here is what you need to know: the time to apply for construction jobs in California is now. Signing up with a dedicated construction staffing agency can help you get started. 

Construction Jobs In California: The AEC Professionals That Construction Firms Are Searching For

The good news is that construction jobs in California are not slowing down. Here are a few of the hottest positions that construction firms are currently looking to fill:

  • Superintendent
  • Project Manager
  • Project Engineer
  • Construction Manager
  • Quality Control Engineer 
  • Site Safety and Health Officer (SSHO) 
  • Civil Design Engineer
  • Estimator 

Let’s take a look at each of these construction jobs in California in a little more detail below. 


One of the most important construction management jobs is as a site superintendent. This AEC professional handles overseeing all phases of the project and all activities on a construction site. A site superintendent works with other construction workers and runs day-to-day operations on a short-term basis. 

Project Managers

Project Managers are responsible for overseeing a construction project. These AEC professionals deal with the more administrative aspects of a project. An ideal Project Manager is an individual that can plan, execute, track, control, and close a project. 

They build close client relationships, ensure timeframes and budgets are met, and organize the daily operations of every staff member. 

Project Engineers

A popular construction job in California is as a Project Engineer. Project Engineers have a range of duties including designing civil projects, evaluating construction materials, preparing change orders and submittals, and ensuring construction plans meet building codes. This role is ideal for those that enjoy problem-solving and working with others.

Project Engineer jobs and opportunities are available across all sectors of construction. 

Construction Managers

Construction Managers have similar duties as project managers but on a smaller scale. A Construction Management job requires you to be responsible for overseeing on-site operations, performing quality control checks, hiring staff, buying materials, and planning work schedules for all laborers. 

Quality Control Engineer

Every construction project requires a Quality Control Engineer (QC engineer) on-site. These individuals are necessary for designing quality control standards and systems. They draw up quality control documents, test materials, run quality assurance checks, and ensure strict adherence to compliance requirements. 

Without a QC engineer on-site, many construction projects in California would be unable to operate safely. 

Site Safety & Health Officer 

Safety Professionals (SSHO, sometimes called a Health and safety engineer) also fall under the umbrella of construction management jobs. Like a QC engineer, each construction project must have a dedicated health and safety team. 

They are responsible for identifying potential hazards on construction sites. They enforce health and safety policies and ensure buildings follow health and safety regulations. They also review employee safety programs. 

Civil Design Engineer

Civil Design Engineers perform design analysis based on project requirements. They identify design flaws, perform field surveys, determine construction costs, and ensure compliance with ISO quality requirements. 


Construction jobs in California also feature job listings for project or Construction Estimators. It is the responsibility of Estimators to prepare cost estimates for all types of construction projects. These AEC professionals coordinate projects, calculate the cost of all materials, prepare bids, and decide how the tendering process will work. 

Construction Projects That AEC Professionals Should Know About

There are many opportunities for getting involved in California’s construction industry. If you are looking for construction jobs in California, these upcoming projects are worth checking out:

  1. The Delta Conveyance Project: This infrastructure project aims to modernize aging State Water Project (SWP) infrastructure and protect against natural threats such as earthquakes and sea levels rising. This project will construct new conveyance facilities in the Delta. 
  2. Bakersfield High-Speed Rail: This infrastructure project will build an 80-mile rail corridor between the Central Valley and the Antelope Valley. This will provide a link between Central and Southern California. The latest stage of this project was approved in August 2021. 
  3. The Tapestry Project in Summit Valley: This housing development project in Hesperia will build approximately 15,663 homes and 700,000 square feet of commercial and retail space. 
  4. VTA’s BART Silicon Valley Phase II: The VTA’s BART Silicon Valley Phase II Project is the long-awaited extension that Santa Clara County has been waiting for. This extension is one of the largest public infrastructure projects in the area and will provide a transportation line from San Jose to Santa Clara.

Construction projects are starting every day – making any day a great time for you to begin looking for your next construction job. 

Get Started In Construction Services With Certis Solutions 

At Certis Solutions, our team is here to support AEC professionals as they begin on their journey to find the best construction jobs in California. We work with a diverse portfolio of construction firms in the Golden State and provide our candidates with access to unlisted job opportunities. 

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