California Is A Top Location For Technical Staffing Agencies


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If you are looking to find your next career opportunity with a technical staffing agency, California is the place to be. The Golden State is a hotspot for construction, engineering, environmental, and emergency management  projects. Many AEC firms are looking for talented professionals and, for this reason, the need for technical staffing agencies is on the rise. 

Yet, why is California considered a top location for AEC professionals? Below, this post explores the rise in demand for construction and engineering across the Golden State. And, we share our top tips on how you can level up your career by working with a technical staffing agency. 

Why California Is A Top Location For Construction And Engineering Professionals

The pandemic halted many construction-related projects across the United States. Yet, construction in California is still booming. Many tech start-ups and other established firms chose California for their headquarters.

Look at Silicon Valley, for example. This area of California is now famous for being home to some of the biggest firms in the world. Yet, these aren’t the only AEC projects in California. Environmental restoration projects along California’s coastlines and in areas affected by wildfires are also vital. 

California has a diverse range of construction projects. It means AEC professionals from all areas have an array of opportunities to find a job that they enjoy. Additionally, the changing nature of the construction industry means that you can move from project to project at a reasonable pace. Not to mention the gorgeous landscape and relaxed lifestyle that California offers.

You may be asking: what does the future hold for construction and engineering in California? The industry won’t be slowing down anytime soon. While the state is experiencing a shortage of skilled laborers and technical staff, AEC professionals in California have increased job security and bring in one of the highest salaries compared to other states. 

So if you are wondering where your next job opportunity might be, it is worth looking for an AEC role in the Golden State.

The Golden State: A Growing Hotspot For Technical Staffing Agencies 

A rise in construction and engineering projects creates a demand for recruitment agencies to fill technical roles. This is why California is going to become a hotspot for technical staffing agencies. There is a clear gap in the market for technical staffing agencies that have the knowledge and experience to help AEC professionals find career growth opportunities.

At Certis Solutions, we respond to this need by partnering with notable construction and engineering firms from across California and elsewhere in the United States. Our partnerships mean that we can provide many benefits to AEC professionals such as: 

  • Access to unlisted job advertisements that aren’t on other recruitment sites
  • Access to a network of AEC professionals across various sectors including engineering, construction, environmental, emergency management, and architecture
  • Ability to work with a dedicated Certis Recruiter that will guide you towards projects that align with your personal and professional aspirations

For professionals within the AEC industry, reaching out to a dedicated staffing agency can be a great way to reach new heights in your career. While there will always be LinkedIn or Indeed, these job listing sites can’t give you the same level of insights or guidance as a technical staffing group

As construction continues to boom, more AEC professionals and firms will be looking to work with dedicated technical staffing agencies. So, why not join in the action now and get a head start in finding your next project, or your next career? 

Level Up Your Career With A Technical Staffing Group

There is no denying that working with a technical staffing agency is the best choice you can make when starting your construction or engineering career in California. Here at Certis Solutions, we want to help you take the next step in leveling up your career. Get in touch with our team today, let us know what your needs are and, we’ll take it from there.

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