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Are you a project engineer looking for your next opportunity in California? There are a lot of options available to you. Many construction firms are searching to fill project engineer jobs right now. Below, we explore current project engineer jobs in California and why we recommend using a technical staffing firm to find them.


The Demand For Project Engineer Jobs In California Is Growing

Project engineer jobs are sought after by AEC professionals as they offer exciting, long-term career opportunities in a variety of fields. 

California is bursting with construction activity. This means right now is a great time to be a project engineer. Hundreds of construction firms need these AEC professionals for projects to run on time and smoothly. 

Without project engineers, many projects across industries would stall to a halt. That is why talented AEC professionals have the upper hand in finding opportunities. The job responsibilities of a project engineer can vary depending on the project, but primarily consist of the following tasks:

  • Project scope and time management
  • Client interaction
  • Staff and material acquisition
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Risk management
  • Project progress reporting

As the construction industry across California continues to grow, there will be even more project engineer jobs on the market. If you are looking to explore project engineer jobs in California, you are in luck.

Top Project Engineer Firms Seeking Talented AEC Professionals

Many AEC professionals are searching for their next construction project engineer job opportunity. Project engineers work across many sectors, including commercial builds and restoration projects.

Project engineers work with stakeholders on budgets, planning, and personnel. For this reason, they are essential for most construction projects to succeed. Whether they work in the office or the field, they are vital in making sure projects run smoothly.

Let’s look at notable engineering and construction firms across the Golden State that offer project engineer jobs. 


Forgen is one of the largest geotechnical and environmental restoration contractors in the United States. Established in 2008, this AEC firm offers a range of integrated construction and environmental remediation services. Their projects are focused on building a future environment – and a better future – for communities across North America. 

The Sulphur Creek Mining Waste removal project in Williams, California, is a recent example of the work they focus on. This project involved the removal of “over 200,000 cubic yards of mercury-impacted waste rock for the watershed”. 

Deacon Construction

Deacon Construction is a well-known construction firm based in various areas of the United States. Their services offer support at multiple stages of the construction process, from feasibility, design-build, and collaborative project design. 

This AEC firm provides unique opportunities to those looking for a project engineer job. 

Currently, the construction company is working on a multi-family and mixed-use development project called Lincoln Landing Apartments. Expected to be completed by the fall of this year, the firm will be building three residential towers and additional retail space. 

DesCor Builders

DesCor Builders are a general contractor based out of Rancho Cordova in California. They provide a full range of construction management and general contracting services. The firm’s mission is to create a meaningful impact on each of its projects while empowering the people around them. 

The construction company works in hospitality, transportation, industrial, healthcare, and public projects. One of their ongoing projects is Cathedral Square in Sacramento. A mixed-use residential building, this project, when completed, will have over 153 rental homes and several indoor and outdoor amenities. 

Clark/Sullivan Construction

Based out of Roseville, California, Clark/Sullivan Construction has been in business for over 45 years providing construction services across multiple sectors. With a portfolio of over 900 projects, this construction firm is as iconic as its pink-colored trucks. 

Clark/Sullivan Construction recently completed the Arden Middle School Replacement Campus. This $59.7 million project consists of an 82,970 square-foot education facility and newly constructed playfields for the campus. 

Why Should I Work With A Technical Staffing Agency?

Technical staffing agencies build trusting partnerships with various companies who come to them first to find the right fit for an open position. As a result, many of these staffing agencies have quick access to hundreds of AEC jobs before they are even posted online. 

A dedicated technical staffing agency will also act similarly to a career coach. They will advocate for you, help market your skills, and help you to perfect your resume. These agencies will also counsel you on what training you should invest in and provide you with real-time updates to know what’s happening in the job market. 

Staffing agencies also use software that keeps track of your skills. When they are looking for workers to find a project engineer position, it will bring you up in search results if you are a match. At Certis, our technical recruiters and account managers will work on your behalf to help you find the project engineer jobs that best fit your skills, needs, and growth opportunities. 

Find Your Next Project Engineer Job With Certis Solutions

Ready to search for project engineer jobs in California? Sign up with Certis Solutions today, and we’ll provide you with the tools and resources you need to further your career. We proudly work with the best AEC firms in California (and across the US) and provide you with continued job security as part of your career. 

Get in touch with our team today for more information and search our jobs board for the latest project engineer job opportunities.

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