10 Things to Consider for Construction Jobs in California

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The construction industry is thriving in California for many reasons, including rising housing demands, infrastructure development, wildfire damages, and seismic issues. This gives rise to several employment opportunities to renovate, remodel, design, and construct these structures, attracting thousands of recent graduates and experienced professionals.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, California is one of the largest states in the country, with more than 6,70,000 construction jobs across different job categories and titles. But to get your dream job, you need to work on optimizing your skills and knowledge before even applying for these construction jobs in California.

Here’s a helpful guide when applying for your dream job in the construction industry. Learn how construction staffing firms can assist you in finding your ideal job.

Top considerations when applying for construction jobs

Ready to apply for construction jobs in California? Here are ten things to keep in mind to find the ideal employment opportunity.

1. Subject knowledge

To work in the construction industry, you need to acquire some level of professional education or degree to perform the job duties. You may also need to complete training or an apprenticeship program.

2. Diverse skill set

Regardless of job title, to excel in a career, have a diverse skill set and expertise to perform various tasks. For example, a construction manager needs to demonstrate a balance of multiple skills, including decision-making, leadership, communication, and analytical skills.

3. Physical strength and stamina

This skill is one of the most critical skills that every construction worker must have. While working on-site as a construction worker, you need to lift, pull, load, unload, and carry heavy construction material, so you need to demonstrate excellent physical strength and stamina to perform your duties efficiently.

4. Mental health

A healthy mind increases productivity and creativity and encourages you to excel in a given task. Along with physical health, work on improving and boosting your mental health. If you keep a healthy mindset, you’ll make rational decisions in the workplace and perform your duties with utmost care.

5. Technical skills

You can’t perform tasks well if you don’t have exemplary technical skills. Familiarity with tools, building materials, hazardous chemicals, and techniques is crucial to performing a wide range of tasks and duties in the construction industry. 

6. Certifications and licenses

A certification or license proves you have the proficiency and understanding to handle complex tasks. Some available certifications are listed below. You can acquire them based on your job title and the specialty tasks you want to perform. 

  • Green business certification (GBCI)
  • American concrete institute (ACI) certification 
  • Certified construction manager 
  • Crane operation certification

7. Technological knowledge

When you get into more specialized roles, like a construction project manager or engineer, you need to advance your technological knowledge to match the pace of shifting market needs and demands. You must know how to deal with modern technology when designing, restructuring, remodeling, or scanning the structure.

8. Safety construction rules

Most companies list knowing these safety standards as mandatory when applying for a construction job. All construction employers must comply with Cal/OSHA regulations and know the safety standards with the different subchapters, such as Electrical Safety Orders and Construction Safety Orders.

9. Resume requirements

Along with your educational credentials, expertise, and experience, you must work on your resume to find construction jobs in California. Format your resume as per the Application Tracking System (ATS) requirements to ensure it matches the job description for better reach. You must include important keywords, take care of the format, and alter your resume based on the job description to meet the search engine requirements while applying for a construction job online. 

10. Cover letter

It’s good practice to attach a cover letter to your resume; it allows employers to know you better, in your own words. A cover letter should highlight what you would bring to the organization and how your experience and expertise can benefit the company and team. 

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