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Job listings and word of mouth are historically the two most common tactics to find new job opportunities as a technical engineer. However, working with specialized AEC staffing agencies like Certis solutions provide several benefits. 

Below, we will outline the primary benefits of working with an engineering agency (ex. access to unlisted opportunities) as well as some tips to foster a successful partnership.


Looking For Your Next Engineering Job In California? An AEC Staffing Agency Can Help 

The architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries look a lot different today than they did just a little over two years ago. However, professionals in this area continue to be highly sought after by some of the largest and most diverse engineering and construction firms across the Golden State. 

If you are currently looking for California engineering jobs or gigs, it is recommended that you begin your search by working with an engineering staffing agency. Why is this? Working with a staffing agency that specializes in the AEC industry ensures that you’re speaking with experts that have connections with the companies that are best suited to you.

A technical engineering staffing agency will not only take your experience and qualifications into account when finding a job for you but also your personal goals. While job listing websites such as LinkedIn or Indeed are great for research purposes, choosing to work with an AEC staffing agency like Certis Solutions will provide you with undeniable benefits. 


Benefits Of Working With A Technical Engineering Staffing Agency

Choosing to contact an engineering staffing agency not only makes your job search hassle-free but could be the best choice that you make for your career. Below are just a handful of the benefits that technical engineering professionals receive when working with our recruitment team here at Certis. 


Access To Unlisted Engineering Job Opportunities

The difference between engineering staffing agencies and regular staffing agencies is the fact that they have access to some of the best job listings that can’t be found anywhere else. The same is true for Certis. 

Our engineering staffing agency has exclusive access to the most desirable California engineering gigs. These projects will rarely be advertised publicly on another job listing website and can only be accessed by joining our network of professional technical engineering professionals. 


AEC Industry Advancement

As our staffing experts have an in-depth knowledge of the AEC industry, we understand how to help you advance correctly in your career. By working with you on your professional and personal goals, we ensure that your application is only put forward for those engineering jobs that make the most sense for where you want to be in your career. 


Dedicated Engineering Staffing Personnel 

Every technical engineering professional that signs up to our engineering staffing agency is partnered with a Certis Project Coordinator. These individuals are dedicated to making sure that your experience with our recruitment firm is seamless from the very beginning. 

Your assigned Certis Project Coordinator will be your primary point of contact and will work alongside you to match you with desirable AEC positions in diverse projects at various stages of their lifecycle. 


Large Network Of Dynamic AEC Firms 

Whether you are moving to California for the first time or have been actively working in the state’s AEC industries for years, you’ll undoubtedly have heard of the dynamic AEC firms that work across the Golden State. 

Luckily our engineering staffing agency has exclusive partnerships with many of these AEC firms and sources talented engineering professionals for all of their projects. 

By signing up to work with a Certified Project Coordinator, you are being given the best chance to get to work with some of the most high-quality, dynamic AEC firms in the country. 


How To Foster A Successful Partnership With An AEC Staffing Agency

One of the top tips that we provide to any prospective Certis talent candidate is to prepare to be open and honest about your professional and personal development goals. Make sure that you are willing to ask questions and be specific in what you’re looking for in your next technical engineering job. This is key to fostering a successful partnership with any engineering staffing agency. 

Our team here at Certis Solutions gives talented AEC professionals access to the best engineering projects happening in California and elsewhere across the United States. We match you to a project that fits your needs and keep your information on our database for when you’re ready to move forward to the next project. 

For more information on how we can help you find your next engineering job opportunity, contact us today.

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