5 Reasons to Follow Up After a Construction Job Interview  

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Waiting to hear back from organizations after interviewing with them is sometimes more stressful than the period before your interview. You may want to know how you did but may not know how to approach the interviewer. 

As an AEC professional, sending a follow-up email after your interview is a great way to stand out. It’ll also remind the interviewer that you’re the best candidate for the role.

After the job interview 

After your construction job interview, the next thing you should do is send a follow-up email to the recruiter. Sending them a quick message a day or two after shows you’re passionate about the position. It also gives you the chance to say anything you forgot during the interview or something you thought of after.

Five reasons to follow up after a construction job interview

  1. To get updates

Following up with the interviewer can help with updates on what to expect in the next stage of the application. Start off on the right note by sending a thank you email to appreciate their time. You can then go ahead to ask for an update on how you did and what to expect next in the hiring process. 

Supervisors have many responsibilities, and seeing your message might remind the recruiter to proceed to the next step. You’ll likely be the first person they reach out to if you qualify for the next steps.

  1. Get their attention 

Interviewers speak with many people per role, and it’s easy to get forgotten after the interview. Consider that other candidates may have also performed well in the interview so the interviewer has a lot of options. Sending a follow-up email after your construction job interview refreshes the interviewer’s memory and reminds them about what made you stand out. 

You may also add an anecdote from the discussion in your message to reinforce your presence in their mind. Another helpful tip is to use the same email thread where the interview was scheduled. Doing this will help the recruiter recognize you. 

  1. It gives you a second shot 

It’s concerning if you missed a question or forgot to mention an important detail during your interview. Omitting information is common, but what you do after can make a difference. Use a follow-up message to answer any questions you feel you didn’t handle well. 

You can also ask more questions about the organization or share your thoughts on some of the things you discussed. Working with an AEC staffing agency can help you craft the right message to the interviewer. You’ll work together to develop a comprehensive email using the right tone so you don’t omit any other information. 

  1. It shows interest

A follow-up message after an interview shows you’re still interested in the role. The company would be more interested in hiring someone who is enthusiastic about working with them. Always include specific details about the position you’re excited about working on. 

You can also talk about what you hope to accomplish as a way to remind them of your skills. It’ll show them you’re already thinking of ways to bring value and help them achieve their business goals.

  1. Gain feedback

You can also do a follow-up if you aren’t selected for a role. It’ll be an excellent opportunity to learn about what went wrong and why they didn’t choose you. The interviewer might be willing to give you helpful feedback notes that will improve your next interview. 

Kickstart your career in construction with Certis Solutions

While following up after a construction job interview can be helpful, don’t be pushy. Some companies aren’t good at providing feedback and may not respond to your messages. It’s best to let it go if you don’t get an answer.

Our specialized recruiters at Certis Solutions have the skills to guide you through your post-interview follow-ups. Contact us today for tips on acing your interview and finding your next job.

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