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Earthquakes, wildfires, the global pandemic, rising housing demands, and infrastructure needs in California play a significant role in generating new opportunities in the construction industry. In fact, construction is the second-fastest growing industry for jobs in parts of Northern California, including Sonoma County.

With rising job opportunities and an increase in construction projects, now is the best time for architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals to apply for different construction jobs in California. But if you’d like to know what the current job market looks like and how you get into construction, read below. 

Getting involved in California’s growing construction industry

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States, job opportunities in construction and extraction are expected to grow by 6 percent by 2030. The construction industry in the country is witnessing growth within different job titles, including:

  • Construction Project Managers (11 percent)
  • Construction Laborers and Helpers (7 percent)
  • Hazardous Materials Removal Workers (7 percent)
  • Flooring Installers and Tile and Stone Setters (6 percent)
  • Elevator and Escalator Installers (6 percent)
  • Construction and Building Inspectors (5 percent)

The construction industry offers career stability and vast opportunities in different fields of specialization within the industry. Moreover, salaries across other construction jobs are on the rise. In fact, the average hourly construction salary has increased by 3.2 percent per year, while also decreasing the unemployment rate to 4 percent in the country.

How to get into construction

Understand the industry

Read about the different jobs available within the industry and the respective roles and responsibilities to understand your area of expertise and where it could fit.

Find out who the big players are

An important part of getting into the construction industry is knowing the top companies and firms. When you work with leading companies, you get maximum exposure, a pathway for career development, and growth through formal training and lessons from successful industry professionals, and an opportunity to broaden your network.

Identify necessary qualifications and accreditations

To get into your desired role, work on gaining the required educational credentials and skills. AEC professionals should acquire training or get into an apprenticeship program to gain in-depth knowledge of their respective fields.

Building a network with industry professionals

Only professionals working within an industry can give you insights into the job outlook in the market, so connect with industry professionals to broaden your knowledge about the company. Attending industry-specific seminars, workshops, and corporate events can help you build strong relationships with other construction industry professionals.

Join professional societies

The best way to find professional societies is by browsing through different social media platforms. Look for construction societies and groups online, and get hold of industry professionals as they can help you with industry insights and possible job openings in your desired construction firms. You can connect with participants in construction-industry-specific societies on a personal level to learn tips and tricks to get into the desired role or job position.

Apply for internships

Internships make the perfect choice for new graduates to polish their skills and work on an actual construction site or project to implement what they’ve learned in school. You get trained to perform various tasks within the industry to gain more hands-on experience in different construction work, including planning, executing, managing, and compliance monitoring.

Land construction jobs in California with Certis Solutions

A construction staffing agency like Certis Solutions makes finding your dream job in the construction industry easier and more convenient. It provides you with an opportunity to work on top industry construction projects as it shares proximate relationships with various construction firms.

Certis Solutions helps you get hold of firms or construction companies not listed on any job portal like LinkedIn. You also get an opportunity to expand your network as we connect you with top industry professionals, which paves the way to get into the industry.

Our dedicated account managers and technical recruiters provide continuous support and guidance to help you stand out among other candidates. Moreover, Certis Solutions enables you to find a job that meets both your professional and personal goals.

Get in touch with our dedicated team that helps you find your dream construction job. You can also visit our website to browse our broad areas of expertise, including construction, environmental resources, and engineering. 

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