Why California Is In Dire Need Of Remediation Services


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Similar to other states across the country, California has a variety of industries that cause damage to the environment while harvesting raw materials. Sediment, soil, surface water, and groundwater can all be polluted because of the nature of some California enterprises. Below, we will explore the types of current remediation projects that may require staffing today.

Why California Needs Environmental Remediation Services

Environmental compliance is a necessity for many industries to take into consideration when planning and executing various construction or infrastructure projects. 

So much so that staff for environmental remediation services was included in the California States’ and federal lists of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers back in March 2020. Many industries including the energy and wastewater sectors supply critical services to the residents and businesses of California. However, in providing these services, there may be instances where environmental issues are encountered. 

For this reason, projects all across the Golden State need to hire the relevant staff (e.g compliance officers, construction managers, cost estimators, etc.) for environmental remediation services including:

  • Excavation
  • Bioremediation
  • Product Recovery
  • Soil Vapor Extraction
  • Soil Encapsulation 

There are hundreds of construction and infrastructure projects across the state of California that require the expertise of those professionals in the environmental resources sector.


Types Of Remediation Projects That Need Staffing

There are three core environmental remediation project areas: soil remediation, groundwater and surface water remediation, and sediment remediation. Below, we take a look at the current remediation projects that fall within these areas in California today. 

Soil Remediation

Soil contamination poses great risks to the environment and human health. For that reason, soil remediation is one of the most important environmental services carried out as part of construction projects in California. 

It is most common to find these remediation services as part of projects involved in the following areas:

  • Urban environments
  • Urban mining
  • Brownfield redevelopment
  • Mining and raw material extraction
  • Quarries and peatlands 

GrayMar Environmental is one of many environmental management companies based in California that have active soil remediation projects year-round. Currently, they have a remediation project based in Gardena, CA that requires the removal of PCB contaminated soil. 


Groundwater And Surface Water Remediation

A natural resource that is necessary for the sustainability of many ecosystems, water sources must be maintained on every operating site, business, and residential property. 

Both surface water and groundwater remediation are necessary services where a water source has been contaminated as a result of agricultural means, land or water waste disposal, the use of fertilizers, leakage from underground pipes, animal waste, and more. 

Many Californian projects will need to hire staff that can provide surface water and groundwater remediation services such as biodegradation and pumping systems. Currently, Orion Environmental and Kiewit have several active groundwater remediation projects across the state including La Mirada and Orange County. 


Sediment Remediation

Any project that a body of water may need sediment remediation services if contamination has been found. A large majority of construction and infrastructure projects need an initial site investigation and risk assessment to determine if any remediation services of this nature are needed. 

Where sediment contamination levels are too high and are considered a health hazard, various methods of remediation services will be required including capping, dredging, and excavation. The Machado Lake Ecosystem Rehabilitation Project is one example of a remediation project in Los Angeles that requires the use of sediment remediation services. 


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