How Construction Staffing Agencies Are Helping Project Managers Meet Increased Demands In California


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Demand for construction services is rising in California and project managers are under a lot of pressure to execute. Yet, this isn’t a new revelation for those businesses in the construction industry. Construction firms all across the state of California have been searching for highly-qualified workers for years now. These past two years during the pandemic have been no different. 

Due to an increase in wildfires in northern California in recent years, along with a remodeling boom, the demand for professionals in the AEC industry has been steadily increasing. It is estimated that the construction industry in Sonoma County alone will grow by 9% between 2020 and 2023, becoming the second-fastest growing industry for jobs in that region. 

Reputable AEC staffing agencies can help construction firms fill in the gaps on any construction team. Below, we will discuss the current state of the construction industry in California and how a construction staffing agency can help. 


California Construction: Is It A Pressure Cooker Of Demands? 

When it comes to construction services in California, the demand for these services doesn’t look like they will be slowing down any time soon. New construction projects are popping up all across the Golden State at a positive and fast-growing rate. 

For construction firms, this means scrambling to find a team of talented professionals including project managers, superintendents, project engineers, foremen, estimators, and project coordinators. 

Yet, what is the current state of the Californian construction industry and what can this industry expect over the coming 12 months? 

The latter half of 2021 saw substantial growth in residential construction, with single-family residential construction up 20% and multi-family construction up 21%. The demand for residential construction was a driving factor in ensuring this industry stayed afloat during the pandemic. 

While the commercial and infrastructure sectors experienced a slight decline, it is believed that the introduction of the federal Infrastructure and Jobs Act will be a boon to the industry. Although there is still uncertainty regarding how the AEC industry will fare throughout 2022, it is clear that construction continues to be one of the biggest contributors to California’s economy. 

Having said that, what does that mean for construction firms in this industry? It means that you’ll need to have a strategic recruitment plan to gain access to the thriving talent pool of construction professionals that currently exist in the labor market. 


How AEC Staffing Agencies Can Meet Construction Demands In California

As more projects begin across California in the next few years this will put increased pressure on firms to find highly-qualified candidates. You may already know that time equals money in the construction industry. 

Without the right hiring resources (staff, time, budget, etc), a delay in finding these workers could end up costing you much more especially if it results in project timelines being delayed. This is where an AEC staffing firm can step in and assist construction firms in making sure that construction demands are met in a timely and cost-effective manner. 


Benefits Of Partnering With A Reputable Construction Staffing Agency

Working with a dedicated construction staffing agency can be a blessing in disguise for many Californian construction firms. When demand for construction rises, putting your trust in AEC recruiters can allow you to gain peace of mind knowing that you’ll have access to some of the best talent in the industry. 

Below, we will discuss why all firms in the construction industry should consider working with a construction staffing agency when trying to fill gaps on their team for upcoming construction projects. 


Gain Access To A Robust Talent Pool 

Construction staffing agencies like Certis Solutions only work with a highly qualified and robust pool of AEC professionals. This means that a recruiter will be able to source a candidate across various industry sectors depending on your project’s needs. 


Gain Access To Highly-Specialized And Licensed Workers

All of the AEC professionals that we work with at Certis are licensed to work in California and work in highly-specialized areas of construction and engineering. The last thing that construction firms need is to conduct background checks on all potential candidates when hiring for a new project. 

Working with a construction staffing agency means that you can be assured that every candidate that you speak to has the licenses, qualifications, and expertise level your project requires. Certis work with a range of professionals within various AEC services: construction, engineering, emergency services, architectural, and environmental resources industries. 


Receive A Cost-Efficient Staffing Solution For One Project, Or Multiple

Unlike other recruitment agencies, some construction staffing firms operate by helping project managers to fill temporary positions for specific projects. Instead of hiring a full-time employee for your team, you can hire a specialized role for one particular project or multiple. In the long term, this can be more cost-effective. 

Why is this? Partnering with a construction staffing agency will cut down on costs associated with administration fees, job advertising, pre-employment screening, and unemployment costs. Therefore, reducing any disruptions to project financing and timelines. 

Increased Speed At Which Staffing Needs Are Met

As many construction firms are aware, hiring for a specialized position means finding a candidate that has exceptional skills and experience. This can take months – especially when you are also handling other organizational tasks associated with the project. 

Using a recruitment agency that specializes in construction staffing will reduce the lead time for finding new candidates. Therefore, increasing the speed at which staffing needs are met. AEC staffing agencies have the knowledge level and resources to adequately handle all the steps involved in the hiring process from resume screening, setting up interviews, and executing paperwork. 


Seamless Hiring Process

At Certis, we ensure that the hiring process is seamless by vetting each candidate for suitability before they access our job board. This means that our pool of talent only includes those individuals that have the right level of experience and qualifications for the project at hand. 

This ultimately makes the hiring process a lot more efficient and smoother as it cuts down on unnecessary communications and interviews that can lead to wasted time. 


Certis Solutions: Partnering With Construction Firms In California 

At Certis, our team of specialized construction staffing professionals has been working for many years with the biggest firms in the AEC industry. Our dedicated team works alongside construction firms and project managers to fill any gaps that you may have on your construction team. 

By partnering with us, all you need to do is provide us with the details of your upcoming projects and we will take it from there. Our Certis project coordinators search our database of highly talented AEC professionals to find those that are best suited for your upcoming projects. This gives you the freedom to focus on executing on other areas that are needed for project success. 

For more information on how to partner with us or to learn more about our services, get in touch with us today.

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