Career Growth Opportunities For A Certified Emergency Manager In California


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The Golden State has often been referred to as a hotspot for natural disasters including earthquakes, forest fires, and severe storms. As a result, there are plenty of opportunities for those seeking jobs as a certified emergency manager (CEM) in the state of California. 


The Demand For Certified Emergency Managers In The Golden State

Becoming a certified emergency manager in the Golden State shouldn’t be a problem for job seekers. Due to the nature of this region, multiple projects can be looking to fill a CEM job position at any given time. 

As you may already know, emergency management services have long been part of California’s state and local emergency response and management policies. Agencies such as the Cal OES and California Emergency Services Association (CESA) are responsible for supporting and coordinating efforts that protect the region from various states of emergency, including natural disasters. 

If you are currently residing in California or are looking to relocate to the state soon, there are numerous career growth opportunities that you can take advantage of. Let’s take a look at some of the top emergency management jobs currently available in the Golden State. 


Top Emergency Management Job Opportunities In California Right Now


Emergency Planning For University Campuses & Facilities

Emergency management services are required in numerous industries including across the education sector. University campuses across the Golden State all have departments that are dedicated to coordinating and implementing emergency response protocols and programs. 

Like most sectors in California, a university needs to have an effective emergency response plan in the event that there is a natural, technological, or human-caused disaster. With so many students and faculty on campus, the CEM must take responsibility for strategizing a plan that will keep university attendees safe in the event of an emergency. 

California State University is one of many universities across the Golden State that offer emergency management jobs and opportunities. 


Medical Center Emergency Management Positions

Another area of growth opportunity for those wishing to apply for a certified emergency manager role is in the healthcare industry. Many medical centers across the state require an emergency management department to design emergency preparedness programs that protect the lives of patients and staff during natural and man-made disasters.

Depending on the project, duties may include the execution of training, facilitation of drills and other exercises, and the direction of emergency response plans for various eventualities including: 

  • Fires
  • Environmental releases
  • Confined space incidents
  • Hazardous spills
  • Earthquakes


Emergency Management For The Department Of Homeland Security And Defense 

Looking to work on a federal level? The Department of Homeland Security and Defense is another opportunity for those looking to offer their skills in emergency management. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) often has openings for temporary positions that allow CEMs to contribute towards the federal response and recovery efforts after national incidents. 

While not every position will require deployment to disaster or emergency sites, a certified emergency manager working at a federal level will get opportunities to evaluate program guidance and policy changes, provide expert advice to other departments, and coordinate disaster assistance programs. 


Emergency Management For Tesla

Want the opportunity to work for a well-known company that is known not only for their cars but the technological advancements they have made in the automotive industry? Certified emergency managers also have great career opportunities in companies such as Tesla. 

Currently, the tech giant is seeking to fill an emergency management specialist position in Fremont, California. This position will include the preparation and maintenance of emergency response plans in Tesla properties, facilitating training, and identifying situational awareness of regional risks and hazards. 


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