What Employers Look For When Hiring For Construction Manager Jobs

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Top Employer Considerations for Construction Manager Jobs

With the increasing need for renovating and retrofitting hospitals, educational centers, and residential and commercial buildings, the demand for construction workers in California is rising. The primary reasons for the growing construction activities include market disruption, technological innovations, post-pandemic normalcy, and multiplying population. 

Besides the increasing construction work, the trend is to build energy-efficient, environmentally compliant and more sophisticated structures. Hence, the demand for specialized professionals like construction managers is boosting. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction manager jobs will likely increase by 11 percent between 2022 and 2030. Read below to learn more about the trending construction manager jobs in California and to find out what expertise and credentials employers are looking for while hiring construction managers for different projects. 

Preparation is key when applying for Construction Manager Jobs

Like every job, you must acquire special skills to perform construction manager responsibilities effectively and efficiently. You can begin with preparation as it is the key when applying for construction manager jobs at your dream companies. 

Along with a professional degree, you must also learn project and personnel management through on-the-job training and development programs. Companies also prefer candidates with additional credentials, licenses, and certifications as they show in-depth knowledge and understanding of the field. 

Try to acquire the following certifications to stand out among other job aspirants:

What employers look for in a Construction Manager 

Proven practical experience

A survey reported that 84 percent of employers value practical experience more than the educational credential of a job seeker. Moreover, showing evidence of your ability to work through previous job experience and training gives the employer confidence to hire you as an asset to the company. 

Leadership skills

Construction managers must effectively explain and delegate tasks to laborers, construction workers, office staff, and subcontractors. So, you must be able to demonstrate excellent leadership and communication skills in a job interview as it will give the prospective employer an indication of how effectively you communicate and connect with others. 

Soft and technical skills

You need to be proficient in construction technologies, technical drawings, reading plans and specs, contract negotiations, RFIs, change orders, and client submittals. Along with exceptional technical skills, you must also work on enhancing your soft skills, including communication, team-building, and coordination. 

Close attention to detail

Construction managers play a significant role in ensuring that a construction process adheres to all standards, plans, specs, building codes, etc., which means an eye for detail is extremely important. A proficient construction professional is one who closely looks at the work to spot errors to ensure accuracy, quality, and precision . 

Risk management 

Many interviews ask situational questions to job seekers at the time of the interview to evaluate how they behave in an intense and high-risk situation. 

How a construction staffing agency can help you build a resume 

When looking for construction manager jobs in California, one of the best things you can do is get help from a staffing agency. A technical staffing agency like Certis Solutions uses experience to help you find your dream job at a top construction company.

The dedicated team of experienced and certified technical recruiters uses an applicant tracking system (ATS) to build your resume that matches the industry standard. They use the correct format and properly list your experience, educational qualifications, and additional credentials that highlight your work competencies, setting you apart from other candidates. Search construction manager jobs at Certis Solutions, a construction staffing agency that strives  for long-term employment opportunities for all architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) professionals

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