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Primary Background



Education, Government, Design Build, Public Works, Ground Up

Job Number

JN -042024-2750


Certis Solutions is seeking a qualified Superintendent with the following background:

Must Have Qualifications

  • 5 years of Field Experience Minimum.
  • Proficiency building and maintaining project schedule
  • Ability to read and interpret drawings and specifications.
  • Handles proprietary and confidential information with tact and discretion.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Knowledge of tools, materials and methods involved in commercial site-work and building construction.
  • Basic knowledge of principles of the commercial construction business.
  • Basic computer skills, with a moderate level of experience with MS Office and the Internet.

Top Skills / Key Job Responsibilities

  • Manages site activities, manpower, equipment, subcontractors, and material to be efficient and cost effective.
  • Communicates with owner, design team, and project manager to effectively convey necessary information to and from the field.
  • Responsible for all of the following project related tasks:
    • Generates and maintains the detailed project construction schedule.
    • Generates and monitors site specific safety program in accordance with OSHA regulations.
    • Maintains daily documentation logs of site activities, communications, production, deliveries, etc. on specified forms and reports.
    • Schedules all necessary inspections required by jurisdiction.
    • Examines work progress regularly for quality control and to verify conformance with specifications.
    • Estimates material and manpower requirements to complete tasks.
    • Performs cost comparisons and seeks best value for buy out items.
    • Ensures that material and equipment deliveries are checked in and verified for damage and completeness.
  • Responsible for the following supervisory tasks:
    • Communicates with field operations manager to fulfill manpower requirements as needed.
    • Supervises all employees working on the assigned project.
    • Sourcing and hiring industry tradesmen as necessary.
    • Manage union dispatch and new hire paperwork.