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Environmental Engineer, Water/Wastewater

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Job Description
The position is an excellent opportunity for an experienced professional with a demonstrated track record of success to make a real difference to a growing company.

Success in this position will be dependent on the following factors:

Engineering: We are looking for someone with a solid understanding of engineering principles related to water and wastewater utility engineering. The ideal candidate must enjoy solving problems for clients while making the client’s life and job easier. We love to make our clients look good. It’s critical that the professional in this position have a proven record of successful projects involving all aspects of water and wastewater systems as demonstrated by happy, loyal clients. Water and Wastewater Pump Station design experience is required. Water and wastewater treatment design experience is desirable.

Project Management: The successful candidate must enjoy working in a team environment - taking direction from a Project Manager and giving direction to Staff Engineers and CAD Designers while working collaboratively and profitably with other Project Engineers. Attention to the details of project scope, schedules, and budgets are critical to the success of this candidate.

Marketing: The ability to win work, bring clients, and develop a self-sufficient team is appreciated at all staff levels. All staff should consider themselves an active part of company marketing. However, success at this Project Engineer position will not be dependent on the ability to win new work. The successful Project Engineer will develop respectful professional relationships and will actively network in an effort to lay the groundwork for a future independent professional practice.

Mentoring: Mentoring and training of younger engineers, CAD Designers, and Project Assistants must be a passion that can be demonstrated by references and a history of happy coworkers. The ability to recruit former team members to the company is desirable and an indication of past success. As a young company, we will look forward to the opportunity to be influenced by a dedicated professional who enjoys developing young staff by thorough effective and respectful teaching and training.

Desired Skills and Expertise
A minimum of 6 years of professional experience and a Professional Engineer License is required, 8-10 years of experience is desired. The successful candidate will be able to attain a California Professional Engineering License within 1 year. Local professional relationships, and the ability to develop new professional relationships, which will result in new business will contribute to success in this position.

• Technical engineering skills - this person must have experience designing pump stations, pipelines, tanks, and treatment plant components. Not whole plants but pieces and processes. This person should be skilled and confident.
• Scope, Schedule, and Budget Management. We need someone that knows how to produce on time, and on budget. This is an absolute must. I have had too many engineers that can’t be bothered with budgets. It’s a killer. I can’t do it again. This person must have a track record of delivery if only at the task level and not an entire project level. I’ll be surprised if any public sector engineer is the right fit for us just for this reason. It’s a rare thing to find a public sector engineer who knows the meaning of schedules or budgets.
• Client Service. We need someone that has people skills and knows what excellent client service looks like. They have to think about what questions a client might have and call to answer those questions before the client calls us. They must respond intelligently to client questions in a very prompt way. Again, public sector engineers do not generally demonstrate this high level of client service that is required to excel in the consulting world. It can be taught but they would have to be desirous and excited about making a jump to the private sector.