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Five Construction Sectors Hiring in California

In May 2022, job opportunities in the construction industry grew by 36,000 in the United States. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for specialty trade contractors and heavy and civil engineering construction increased to 17,000 and 11,000, respectively.

California is also experiencing a rise in construction activity, which has given birth to many jobs across various job titles and roles within the industry. The significant reasons contributing to the rising demand for construction professionals include the aftermath of natural calamities like earthquakes and wildfire, technological advancement in the Silicon Valley, increasing housing demands, and infrastructure development.

The Golden State is a ripe opportunity for architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals looking for construction jobs. Read below to know which top companies and sectors are currently hiring in California.

Getting started in California construction: Who’s hiring?

As per the BLS report, employment in the construction industry is 40,000 higher compared to pre-pandemic times in February 2022. Construction roles currently in demand in California include project manager, superintendent, project engineer, quality control engineer, site safety and health officer (SSHO), estimator, civil design engineer, and construction manager.

Some of the top California construction companies currently hiring AEC professionals across different construction jobs are:

  • Ahtna Design-Build
  • Deacon Construction
  • DesCor Builders
  • Brown Construction
  • Blue Northern Builders
  • Flory Construction
  • Teichert Construction
  • SB James Construction
  • Z Squared Construction
  • Colin Construction Company

Top construction sectors hiring professionals

1. Commercial

Even after a global pandemic, the commercial industry in the United States continues to contribute to its economy and development. Employment in the commercial sector is rising with the construction of new commercial buildings, including offices, retail stores, churches, service stations, and hospitals.

According to the U.S. edition of the “Economic Impacts of Commercial Real Estate,” the new commercial building development contributed approximately $1.2 trillion to the country’s GDP, making it one of the highest paying sectors for AEC professionals looking for construction jobs. The commercial sector also contributed to 8.5 million jobs in the United States.

2. Multi-family

California has witnessed a rise in multi-family construction by 17 percent in 2021 with 52,800 units under construction. Despite the global pandemic, rising material prices, and irregular supply chain, new multifamily construction projects continue to grow, offering numerous employment opportunities to AEC professionals. 

Moreover, the increasing demands for different types of real estate construction have given rise to local construction jobs in the state. Other factors, including compliance monitoring and maintaining the federal standards and policies, give rise to construction jobs in the sector requiring professionals for project management, risk compliance, budget, and cost estimation.

3. Public works

The Public Works Department also offers wide employment opportunities to design, construct, maintain, and operate the state’s infrastructure, including transportation systems, wastewater systems, public roads, and bridges. If you’re looking for construction jobs in California, below are a few projects worth checking:

4. Health care

In 2019, the health-care market in California was the most active in the country, and, currently, it’s growing at the rate of 5.7 percent, generating jobs for construction professionals. The top ongoing and upcoming health-care construction projects in the state include Davis Medical Centre’s Replacement Hospital Tower, Scripps Healthcare’s Mercy Hospital, and Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.

5. Education

As the number of single-family and multi-family residential units rises in California, the demand for more education centers and facilities has increased, generating employment opportunities for AEC professionals. Some of the top educational construction projects in the state that may help you with your desired construction role include Aggie Square Mixed-Use Project Phase 1-the University of California, Educational Construction in Compton, and Educational Construction in Sacramento.

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