The Projects Improving Air Quality Levels in California

California has been putting measures in place to improve air pollution for many years. Despite this, some parts of the state continue to have the worst air quality levels across the United States. With new air quality standards to follow and uphold, many AEC firms search for talent to fill air quality jobs. 


Job Opportunities for Project Engineers in California

Are you a project engineer looking for your next opportunity in California? There are a lot of options available to you. Many construction firms are searching to fill project engineer jobs right now. Below, we explore current project engineer jobs in California and why we recommend using a technical staffing firm to find them.


The Demand for Project Engineer Jobs in California is Growing


The Need for Geotechnical Engineering Jobs in the Golden State

Geotechnical engineers are in high demand in the AEC industry right now, particularly in California. Every construction project needs a geotechnical assessment of its site. Are you an AEC professional looking for your next Geotech job? We've got good news for you. The state of California needs you. Here's why.


How Construction Staffing Agencies are Helping Project Managers Meet Increased Demands in California

Demand for construction services is rising in California and project managers are under a lot of pressure to execute. Yet, this isn’t a new revelation for those businesses in the construction industry. Construction firms all across the state of California have been searching for highly-qualified workers for years now. These past two years during the pandemic have been no different. 

How Staffing Agencies are Helping AEC Candidates Access Exciting Opportunities


From the earliest days of the pandemic until now, job security and markets have changed in ways we never could have imagined. Our perception of essential and non-essential services was flipped upside down. Bulletproof industries crumbled. Fledgling industries blossomed. 

Career Growth Opportunities for a Certified Emergency Manager in California


The Golden State has often been referred to as a hotspot for natural disasters including earthquakes, forest fires, and severe storms. As a result, there are plenty of opportunities for those seeking jobs as a certified emergency manager (CEM) in the state of California. 

Working With a Technical Engineering Staffing Agency to Find Your Next Opportunity


Job listings and word of mouth are historically the two most common tactics to find new job opportunities as a technical engineer. However, working with specialized AEC staffing agencies like Certis solutions provide several benefits. 

Restoration Projects in California That Need Staffing


Over 3000 buildings within the state of California have been destroyed because of the wildfires that have scorched the Golden State. Each year, more and more structures are damaged and razed due to fires. If you also include property damaged by water & earthquakes, California has a multi-billion dollar restoration industry demand.