5 Industrial Hygiene Firms Hiring in California As of Writing

Workplace health and safety are a top priority in California. Every project requires some level of industrial hygiene, and as such, the demand for industrial hygienists is ever-increasing.  The following are just a few examples of Industrial Hygiene firms operating throughout California today. 


An Overview of Emergency Management Services in California

Emergency management services are vital across the country, and in recent years, have been essential in the Golden State. Over the past few decades, California's need for emergency services has grown considerably, largely due to an increase in the frequency and destructive power of wildfires.

4 Exciting Commercial Architecture Projects in California

Commercial architecture is both challenging and rewarding. In California, commercial architects are expected to design and oversee the construction of some of the state’s largest commercial projects. This article highlights four of the state’s most exciting projects in development right now. If you’re a commercial architect interested in working on a project of a similar scale, get in touch with our dedicated recruitment team today.


Job Growth Opportunities for Structural Engineers

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, openings for structural engineering jobs are expected to increase at a rate of 8% over the next decade. Structural engineering is a highly versatile field that allows many professionals to work across numerous disciplines and sectors. Here are the most popular areas of interest for structural engineers across the Golden State: 

Top Heavy Civil Construction Projects to Watch Out For in 2022

Heavy civil construction is an integral part of furthering innovation and accessibility in many cities across the United States, California included. The Golden State is a hub of activity across many industries. There is a thriving art and entertainment sector, several sports stadiums, and bustling financial districts. 

An In-Depth Guide to Fire Clean-Up and Restoration Services

Fire clean-up and restoration are vital emergency services carried out every day across the United States. As wildfires rage through many parts of California, businesses, residential properties, and habitats are lost. Man-made incidents have also led to increased fires in recent years. Yet, what happens once the fires are extinguished?


Growth Opportunities for Architects in the Golden State

California offers endless inspiration for many architects. From the modern buildings of Silicon Valley to the Spanish Colonial-style structures in San Diego, California is home to great architecture. That’s why many AEC professionals choose the Golden State when searching for growth opportunities in the architectural industry. 


California is a Top Location For Technical Staffing Agencies

If you are looking to find your next career opportunity with a technical staffing agency, California is the place to be. The Golden State is a hotspot for construction, engineering, environmental, and emergency management  projects. Many AEC firms are looking for talented professionals and, for this reason, the need for technical staffing agencies is on the rise.