Best and Worst Ways to Apply for AEC Jobs in California

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Architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC)  jobs in California are rising due to an increase in infrastructure demands, technological innovations, single-family and multi-family units, commercial buildings, and public works. Employment opportunities for architects are likely to grow by 3 percent in the next seven years in the country, whereas jobs for civil engineers are expected to increase by 8 percent, helping AEC professionals get through their dream jobs.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, California is among the top five states in the country, offering the maximum number of construction jobs, which is over 600,000. Moreover, it’s home to over 73,500 construction firms, offering multiple employment opportunities across different construction job titles.

To know more about the best and worst ways to apply to available AEC job openings in the Golden State, we’ve put together a few things to consider. Read on to know if a construction staffing agency can help you land your dream AEC job.

 Applying for AEC jobs in California: Is there a right way to do it?

Keep in mind the following things to find an AEC job the right way in California:

  • Do your research to understand market insights, business standards, and trends;
  • Prepare a spreadsheet to compare the different AEC firms to know which one matches your needs and job requirements the best;
  • Use the application tracking system (ATS) to format and edit your resume and cover letter to increase your reach;
  • Connect with industry professionals to expand your network and learn about the job openings in different firms and;
  • Sign up with a construction staffing agency like Certis Solutions.

Best and worst ways to apply for AEC jobs: Some examples

Best ways

Apply directly on a firm’s website

A company’s website is the best way to apply for a job as it directly connects you with the talent acquisition team. Moreover, when you visit a firm’s official website, you learn about its projects, services, and clients that help you process your job application better.

Email the hiring manager with your resume

When you directly connect with a hiring manager, it allows you to share your work competencies, education credentials, and expertise on a personal level. It shows your interest and zeal to work on the position or job title, and it also sets you apart from other job applicants who use job portals to apply for the same job. 

Use a staffing agency

A staffing agency eliminates the hassle of finding an employer and getting through the process of applying for a job as they do all the work for you. Most recruiting agencies share a close relationship with top AEC firms, working on different projects, and you can leverage that relationship to find long-term work opportunities.

Worst ways

Using a generic resume and cover letter

Most AEC professionals make a mistake by sending out a generic resume and cover letter, which fail to impress the recruitment team. Always list out things that make you stand out among other job applicants. Do your research and find the necessary things to include in a resume; using the ATS can help you determine the right keywords, content, and structure. 

Not matching your skills and qualification with the job

Avoid applying for jobs without checking whether your skills and qualifications match the requirements. Don’t lie about your skills because, eventually, you’ll have to talk about them in a job interview or during the screening process.

 Not following up with the recruiter or company

When you don’t follow-up with a recruiter, it gives an impression you aren’t interested in the opportunity. Always follow-up with a recruiter, HR professional, or talent acquisition specialist to know about the final decision. You can also ask for feedback on how you performed in an interview to improve in the future.

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