About Us

With over 70 years of industry experience amongst our founding partners, Certis Solutions was born from the crossroads of our professional backgrounds. Our experiences run the gamut from creating unique workforce solutions for the nation’s largest employers, to being “on the inside” managing project team deployment efforts at one of the largest AEC firms in the country. With a front row seat to the immense talent acquisition challenges faced by AEC firms at the project level, in combination with our decades of experience implementing workforce solutions on a national scale, materialized the brainchild that would become Certis Solutions.

Utilizing this unique insight, Certis was created to optimize our client’s workforce scalability potential. We’ve identified a significant deficiency with how AEC firms deal with “time on job” constraints. These deficiencies can lead to stunted company growth, budget overruns, and project delays, among other issues. Finding extraordinary talent is hard, but in the ever growing AEC world, keeping it can prove just as difficult. As each new project requires unique employee skill sets, managing these variances is not only costly, but can negatively impact an AEC firm’s reputation. Employee morale can be adversely affected due to undesirable work assignments, placing team members on “business necessity,” and corporate layoffs. Certis’ workforce solutions eliminate these financial and reputational risks.