3 Useful Resources For Engineers in the Environment Resources Industry

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3 Resources to Find Environment Resources Jobs

California is set to outpace other states by adding more than 58,000 environmental resources jobs by 2030 to the country’s green economy. These employment opportunities will likely attract innovation, investment, and green job creation in the Golden State. 

The government’s rising interest in environmental development projects is one of the key reasons for the growing number of jobs in environmental resources management. The Employment Development Department (EDD) of California projects that the demand for environmental scientists will increase by 11 percent in the next five years, creating over 1,600 job openings. 

Curious about how you can grab information related to environmental resources jobs, research, and training material in California? Read the blog to learn about three valuable resources for all employment-related information. 

Top resources in environmental resources management

1. Webinars and conferences 

Webinars and conferences offer the best way to polish your skills and build your knowledge. Attending these events allows you to learn from experienced industry professionals and experts. As an environmental resources professional, you’ll have a platform to learn about the shift in the current environmental industry, the need for compliance monitoring, adhering to governmental standards, laws and regulations and much more. 

You can use this information to showcase your work competencies and in-depth industry knowledge to stand out among other job applicants. Some of the top environment-related webinars in the country include:

2. Networking societies and organizations 

Regardless of your engineering field, networking is important for growth, guidance, and opportunities in general. It helps you connect with industry professionals that can refer you to different environment resources jobs and environment monitoring projects in California and all over the world. Industry experts can guide you on the right path to career advancements and new opportunities. 

Moreover, engineering is a competitive field, and it’s always great to know people who can validate your achievements and credentials, setting you apart from other candidates. You can join the following organizations that will help broaden your network:

3. Engineering staffing agencies 

Technical staffing agencies remove the stress, anxiety, and struggle of finding an environmental resources management job by connecting you with your desired employer. Staffing agencies like Certis Solutions share an impeccable relationship with leading companies, which helps bonafide professionals get placed in their dream job. They also provide information about the latest market trends and upcoming environmental projects. 

Kickstart your engineering career in environmental resources with Certis Solutions 

Certis Solutions is an all-inclusive platform that helps you find your dream engineering or environmental job with various reputable companies in the industry. We help you connect with employers not listed on other job portals or employment sites like LinkedIn. 

Our highly trained professionals at Certis Solutions help you find a job that meets both your professional and personal expectations and goals. We provide resume-building services, training and development programs, continual employment opportunities, and interview preparation support to ensure you successfully obtain your dream job. 

With us, you also have access to a broad network of architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals across different sectors, including environmental resources, construction, and emergency management. Visit Certis Solutions to browse environmental positions in California. To learn more about our wide range of AEC services and firms, contact us or write to us at info@certisaec.com.

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